Assam Food The Ultimate Food of India

Assam Food Habits:

Assam is a northeastern state, and the climate and the people’s way of life are quite different from the rest of India. However, the food in Assam is delicious, unique and very similar to the neighbouring northeastern states. Here people are interested in eating the food roasted more. The households commonly used Mustard oil in every dish of its availability in an extensive range in the state. The chefs used a little more spices to bring the taste very delicious. Here the people seem very strong and actively work even the hard times due to the Assam Food. Probably the cuisines in Assam made apt the people to the atmosphere.

assam food

Food in Assam:

Assam food habits are primarily non-vegetarian; rice with fish curry is the main food item for the Assamese. They used bamboo shoots, jackfruits, olives and bananas used during their taking food. Another interesting dish is Bamboo shoots chutney and pickles; this is the Best food in Assam. According to resist the weather conditions, the people here are very fond of eating Bamboo shoots-based dishes. Interestingly, fermented food is preferred in the state.

assam food

Mainly, the Assamese are traditionally non-vegetarians. They prepare non-vegetarian dishes such as chicken, meat, beef, and pork. The traditional local dishes are Sour fish curry ( Master Jhol ), duck meat and Mati Mahor Dali. The essential other delicious dish is ‘Eri Polu’. This dish is a unique and exotic non-vegetarian food of Assam and is made with the total pupa of the eri silkworm.
Papayas are also another part of making ‘Khar Anja’ cuisine. Vegetarians use this food as their regularThis is one of the leading vegetarian foods in Assam. Aloo Pitika is another delicious dish made with potato with onion, chillies, salt, and mustard oil: Pithas, one type of rice cake, is another delightful dish for Assamese.

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Simple Assam Food:

Rice is the Assamese’s staple food, and their food is not spicy. They eat rice with lentils or with fish curry or with meat curry. The vegetable dishes are ‘xaak’ and bhaji’. The cuisines mix with ginger, cinnamon, onions, and garlic, and sometimes add lemon to the words.
‘Khar’ is one type of dish seasoned with alkali. ‘Khar’ is an essential dish to know, how a woman is skilful in making the dishes. During the festivals, every household prepares sweets. On special occasions, the Assamese prepare a variety of Assam food items. The special plate is ‘Pitha’, a paper-thin pancake stuffed with sesame seed or coconut paste.

Here is a variety of Dishes:


This dish mixes non-vegetarian ingredients, raw papaya, taro, and pulses. It is a very delicious curry, prefer to eat it with rice during lunch. At first, the pieces of non-vegetarian and other vegetarian combinations boiled for some time. Later filtered through banana leaves, this made a refreshing flavour to the dish.

Duck meat curry famous Assam Food

Duck meat is used widely in Assam, and the Assam people cook this meat on special occasions. The beef is cooked with Ash Gourd, which gives an extra taste. One person used the spices in different methods. The duck meat can be cooked in a pumpkin, sesame, and lentil to bring exceptional taste. The people follow other ways in other regions to make Assam Food.

Maasor Tenga (tangy fish curry)

This is a fish curry; at first, it tastes sour but becomes very delicious later. While preparing the dish, cook slowly; add tomato, outings and lemon. Some flavours add to enrich the taste of the word.

Aloo Pitika

a simple dish made with potatoes, onion, coriander, and salt. First, the potatoes are mashed with mustard oil, coriander, and onion and finally, sprinkle salt on the mashed potatoes. Eating also Ritika with rice and dal makes a good taste. Every middle-class family prefers to make this dish every day.

Xaak aru bhaji (herbs and vegetables)

This dish is generally eaten on the side of lunch or dinner. Assam Food is a combination of vegetables and herbs. Seasonal herbs are used to make this dish. Commonly, ginger, garlic and onions are used to prepare Xaak aru Bhaji. This is a very stapled food of Assam, and the people eat this food regularly.