Tamil Nadu Traditional Costumes

Tamil Nadu traditional costumes:

Tamil Nadu traditional costumes are very famous for every conventional activity. The temples and rich culture of Tamil Nadu are well respected by all Indians. Tamilians especially give respect to wearing their traditional dresses. The traditional dress of Men in Tamil Nadu is Lungi. They are also called Veshti or Dhoti with Angavastram and a shirt. The women wear traditional sari and blouse. The dress of the Tamil Nadu People was admired and liked by everyone.

tamil nadu traditional costumes

Women’s dressing style:

The saris are very famous in Tamil Nadu. There are many materials used to weave the saris. They are like cotton, silk, crepe silk, organza, georgette and patola silk. The women in Tamil Nadu wear rich culture saris. The young girls wear full-length short blouses and shawls; this style is called Pavada, also known as a half sari. Now, most women in cities wear Salwar Kameez, Jeans and Pants. Men are wearing T-shirts, Cotton shirts and lungis. The women in Tamil Nadu wear the traditional costume of a Sari with Zari work.

Kanchipuram Saris:

The Kanchipuram saris are worn on wedding occasions, when going to temples, and on auspicious days. The women are also attractive in modelling the Kanchipuram saris, even in offices. The colour, texture and style of these saris are very famous all over the world. The saris weave with a combination of Silk and Cotton yarn. The length of the sari is generally six yards long. The style and comfort of the sari are most elegant and can suit anyone. The women are also interested in wearing another variety of silk saris with heavy zari embroidery. They express the rich culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu. But most of the women give preference to wearing Kanchipuram saris.

tamil nadu traditional costumes

Tamil Nadu traditional costumes style of Men:

There is not more variety of costumes for the men according to their tradition. Generally, they wear Lungi with a white shirt and angavastra. The lungies are available in different colours, but pure white lungies are the traditional costumes for men in Tamil Nadu and marriage costumes. The young ones wear the lungies in various colours. The men are interested in wearing Angavastram, the most Tamil dressing style and a piece of cloth wrapped around the shoulders. Currently, men are wearing Tea Shirts, jeans and other modern costumes.