Odisha Traditional Dress

Odisha Traditional Dress:

Odisha is an Eastern Indian state of India, by the beautiful Bay of Bengal and enclosed by the West Bengal. The Indian state has a unique culture, and the people of Orissa are very religious. This reflects in their costumes as well. It has an ancient civilisation and is famous for classical dance.

Odisha Traditional Dress for Women:

odisha traditional dress

Odisha has a lot of ancient history. Even Kalinga is the place which made to change the entire life attitude of Samrat Ashoka. Here the people are interested in preserving their traditions and culture. In Odisha, women wear different types of saris, which makes for women’s glowing beauty. Odisha is famous for Kataki Sari and Sambalpuri Sari. These sari designs contain very unconventional methods and seem very dignified. Most women in Odisha are interested in wearing these saris during festivals, Marriage occasions and other auspicious days. Shalwar Kameez is a famous costume in India; girls are also interested in the Shalwar Kameez. Some tribal people also live in some areas of Odisha; they have a variety of dresses to wear. Hence most of the women in Odisha are interested in beautifying themselves by wearing valuable jewellery, fancy ornaments, and many other decorative pieces.

Odisha Traditional Dress for Men: 

Most of the Odisha people are hard workers. Rural areas are significantly more in Odisha. In Odisha, Men are interested in wearing their traditional outfits. Generally, Dhoti is a typical conventional costume for men in Odisha. They also wear Kurta and Gamucha during the festival and other formal celebrations. The head of the family wants to learn from his other family members about the importance of wearing traditional costumes. So he strictly follows to wear their religious costumes. This way, the generations stay in touch with their traditions and culture.

The advent of the internet, fast communications, and other infrastructure developments are causing changes in their traditions and culture. So the differences in dress designs and various costumes are entering the lives of youngsters. But the traditional outfits are still seated in the heart of native inhabitants.


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  • Its odisha now.simple people rich with tradition and culture.A place where Sri jagannath believed to be a living idol.Every part of odisha differ with its tradition and culture.But one thing u will find common PAKHALA BHATA.And yaa its not always over night one people prefer.For winter lukewarm pahala and for summer curd and pakhala.left over rice can store for next day.mostly done with paraboiled or USUNA rice.Here people luvs green vegitables.So u will get variety of veg preparations,Nonveg preparations are also equally superb,all r mostly less oil and healthy preparations.And yaa in snacks also list is quite long.Apart from that there are 12 months 13 festival generally called Parva. Each of the festival having its own significance.

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