Rana Sanga History

Rana Sanga Early Days

Rana Sanga is Maharana Sangram Singh, the famous Rajput king who ruled during the 16th century. He led the powerful Hindu kingdom Mewar for 20 years with excellent administration and fierce courage. He was born on 12 April 1482 to Rana Raimal, the then king of Mewar, in 1508 AD. Rana Sanga married Rani Karnavati and blessed four sons, who also made history in later years. Rana Sanga fought against the Mughal emperors and Lodhis of the Delhi Sultanate.

Maharana Sanga as Mewar King

rana sanga

After the coronation of Mewar King, Sangram Singh concentrated on expanding the kingdom’s boundaries. Since then, he has been engaged in wars with neighbouring kingdoms. At first, he fought with Ibrahim Lodi, the Sultan of Delhi and succeeded in the battle. Especially the Idar struggle brought out the unbelievable war skills of Sangram Singh. In the war, he defeated the Bharmal, supported by Gujarat. In the meantime, the Muslim invader Babur founded the Mughal Empire after defeating Ibrahim Lodi. Then he gathered all the Rajput kings to defy Mughal Emperor Babur and expel them from India to restore the Lodhi Dynasty. On another side, Sikandar Lodhi’s son Mahmud Lodhi gathered a few Afghan soldiers and accompanied the Rajput kings to defeat Babur. Unfortunately, Rana Sanga was poisoned by his chiefs and died on 30 January 1528 AD. This tragic death made all attempts futile to overthrow Babur from Delhi’s throne. If King Rana Sanga didn’t die, Indian history might be different without the Mughals.

Major Battles

The Battle of Khatoli was one of the significant battles in the life of Mahara Sanga. In this battle, he fought against Ibrahim Lodi, the Delhi Sultanate. During the fierce competition, his courageous moves made the enemies betray him, finally defeated Ibrahim Lodi. However, the sharp sword cut his arm and made him lame even a few arrows also hit Rana Sanga and seriously injured him. Even though thedidn’tdidnā€™t lose his spirit even a bit. After the defeat, Ibrahim Lodi gathered the army and again proclaimed to defeat Rana Sanga. Similarly, the Mewar king defeated Lodi and merged many territories of the Delhi sultanate into the Mewar Kingdom.

Another battle was Khanwa in his battle against the Mughal Emperor Babur. During the battle, the Mughal’s cannons played a significant role in defeating Maharana Sangh and the way made to strengthening the new empire in India.