Maharashtra Food Famous For Ladoos

Maharashtra Food: 

Maharashtra Food is very famous in South and North India. The state is the place for many mountains, forests, caves and big cities. However, We can find a lot of natural wealth and cultural heritage. Here people feel that food is also an integral part of cultural heritage.

maharashtra food
We can find many Maharashtra food restaurants outside Maharashtra. Generally, the Maharashtra food depends on the seasons. During the summer seasons, the households used mango, kokum, and coconut in the dishes. During the monsoon season, the people used deep fried vegetables and in winter prefer to eat jaggery based sweets. At the coastal belt, people’s main favorite foods are free curries and rice. In the East region, the people prefer to make mutton bases spicy curries. During the festival seasons, people of every region made delicious dishes and also prepare special dishes according to the seasons. ‘Bhel Puri’ and Sandwiches are the main traditional Marathi recipes and our journey to Mumbai couldn’t complete without eating these traditional dishes.

Ladoos, Marathi Recipes:

maharashtra food
The mainly important Maharashtra food is Ladoos, they are in ball shape sweetmeats. These have the mythological significance during the festival seasons people offer these Ladoos in all rituals.
In every kitchen of the Maratha people, Ladoos should store as a tradition. The Ladoos stored up to 20 days without any preventive preserve methods. People used common ingredients in laddos, but the style of cooking and some variety of ingredients gives each laddoo, its unique taste, and texture. Sugar, jaggery, and ghee are the primary ingredients used to make ladoos. Maratha Women prepare some special ladoos during the festival occasions.

Here of some food items of Maharashtra….

1. Motichur Ladoo:

 These are the special Maharashtra food and very soft and prepared in large amount for commercial purposes. The gram flour droplets deeply fried in ghee and soaked them in sugar syrup and then rolled into balls.

2. Boondi ladoo:

These are very similar to motchur ladoo. These are semi hard and taste is quite different to Motichur Ladoo. During the wedding occasion, people display these ladoos, which made in big size.
The other Ladoos are Besan Ladoo, Rava Besan Ladoo, Til ladoo and Rajgira Ladoos.

3. Bombil/Bombay duck

Bombay duck, to listen this cuisine is very attracting, at the same the dish also famous in coastal regions of the Maharashtra state. The Maharashtra dish is famous as Bombil and served in butter fried pieces of the duck pieces. Eating with lime juice and onions gives extra taste to the non veg lovers. Before India got Independence, the British had been banned this dish due to its pungent smell. Eventhough the delicious taste of the dish never stop its spread of the taste.

4. Pav Bhaji

Very delicious Maharashtra food and every feast not completed without eating this item. Whenever we heard the Maharashtra cuisines, eyes search for Pav Bhaji food. To prepare this dish the slices of bread smothered in the butter. Later kept the boiled spiced vegetables between two bread slices and add some chilly. Every Indian interested to eat this lip smacking dish.

5. Rassa

Rassa has many various names in various places in the state, like taambde, pandhra and varhadi, made with chicken, mutton and fish. Here Rassa means preparing the curry as juicy. This Maharashtra food dish prepared widely in Kolhapur. Mutton based prepared curry which called Matnacha Rassa. Taambde Rassa made with red chillies of Kolhapuri. Pandhra rassa made with yoghurt mix with chicken or fish. Varhadi rassa is famous in Vidarbha region made with chicken.

6. Sreekhand

Sreekhand, another Maharashtra food dish made with sweet yoghurt dish. This is a special dish during the wedding celebrations and offer Goddess Durga Devi in the Pooja on Dushera festival. This dish flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder and served with hot puris and piping.

7. Bharli Vangi

This is a famous variety of Maharashtra food dish, made with brinjals stuffed with jaggery, onion, Marathi goda and coconut. This favourite dish of Maratha people served with rice. The guests of the houses seek for this dish among the served items which made extra taste to the food. The ingredients which are added to the brinjal made us favourite to this cuisine.