Jharkhand Food – Mouth Watering Dishes

Jharkhand Food:

Jharkhand is one of the early formed states in India. It was carved from Bihar in 2000. The state capital is Ranchi. Here the regions fully covered with Hills and Forests. We can taste here the variety of dishes, some are very popular all over India. Different variety of food items prepared in different areas. Here are some famous dishes are given below.

This is one of the famous dishes not only in Jharkhand but also in some states of India. First made the mixture with wheat flour, rice and suji, later add the stuff of vegetables and lentils. After steaming the mixture, eat with coriander chutney. The combination of Chutney and Pittha tastes very amazing. Most of the households prepare this dish in the morning for breakfast.
Rugra prepared with locally available mushrooms. This dish is very healthy food and contains rich minerals and proteins. Widely prepared this dish in the villages which are nearer to forests and hilly areas. This is one of the amazing food items in star hotels in Ramchi and Jamshedpur. Generally, Rugra eats with chapatti, Roti and rice. Especially, the hard workers prefer to eat this delicious dish.

Chilka Roti

This is prepared during the festival seasons. Rice and besan used to prepare this dish. In religious based celebrations, the dish prepared compulsory. Chilka Roti eats with Coriander Chutney. Chilka ROti seems as Dosa, however, the tastes are quite different. This is a regular festival seasoned dish.
Bamboo Shoots
The variety of Bamboo shoot cuisine is an important dish in Jharkhand people’s life. The Bamboo shoots are used in prepare the curry. The taste of Bamboo Shoots is quite different and flavour of sweet taste. The people also prepare Bamboo pickle to store for a long time. Frequently used Bamboo Shoots in various curries in Jharkhand.
We can see this Dhuska snacks in every household in Jharkhand. The children fond of to eat these snacks. First prepared the material with lentil and rice batter, later fried very deeply. The Dhuska used probably as the breakfast item.
Aloo Chokha
It is very popular and simple dish in Jharkhand. It is very easy to make this dish. First cut off the Aloo as slices and mashed with spices and fried onions. The dish prepares within five minutes. After the dish preparation, Aloo Chokha used as curry to eat Chapati, Roti and Rice. It looks very ordinary and tastes sound.
Handia is one type of drink and famous as ‘Liquor of Jharkhand’. To prepare this drink used Ranu tablets and twenty variety of herbs, which are available in nearby forests. The mixture Ranu and herbs added to rice and ferment for some time. The local people called it Rice Beer. The liquid feels taste after one week only. It is also using as liquor in regular areas.
Malpna is a popular dish not only in Jharkhand but also in India. Milk, Flour, Sugar and mashed bananas used to prepare this dish. The prepared Malpua fried deep in Ghee. Later immerse into the sugar syrup. It tastes sweet and children enjoyed to eat it.
Thekua is a popular snack item in Jharkhand. This dish prepared during the celebration of Chaturthi Puja and serve as Prasadam to the neighbours. It tastes very sweet and prepared with wheat flour and sugar.
Til Barfi
Most of the people prepared this dish on the celebrations of Makara Sankranthi and on special occasions. This dish prepared with sugar and Milk. It tastes very sweet. Once you taste this, you want more and more.