Andhra Pradesh Food – Combination Of Varieties

Andhra Pradesh Food

Andhra Pradesh Food is a combination of varieties inspired by various cultures. Here the people cook the food with love and serve it warmly to the guests. They are very spicy as well as sweet. The State is situated in two different regions; every area has its style of flavours and cooking. Wherever you go in the State, you can find some other spicy food that makes you mouthwatering to eat eagerly.

Varieties of Andhra Pradesh Food

Traditionally Andhra recipes are spicy dishes like Pappu with Avakkai pickles, Gongura Chutney, Pulusu, Gutti Vankaya, Tamarind Rice, Rasam, Curd Pulus, Sambar, Payasam and so many words, which make double the taste. Non-veg lovers are interested in eating unique dishes like Chicken Fry (Natu Kodi Kura), Chicken gravy, Gongura Mutton and wide more varieties. The Snacks, like chekkalu, Bondalu, and Mirapaka Bajji, made your tongue very tasty in the evening.

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The region spreads with lakes, canals and the sea,  which make a lot of water-based food. So that the water produces the fishes, prawns, and other seafood. People do special Andhra Pradesh Food with non-veg varieties on special occasions.

Andhra’s unique Sweets are also equally wonderful to appease ‘people’s aspiration to eat the unique dishes. All these Andhra recipes have different textures and tastes. Here are a few varieties: Shahi Tukra, Bandhar Ladoo, Gajar Ka Halwa, Sheer Korma, Bobbatlu and Putarekhulu. Probably all these sweet dishes are made with pure desi ghee.

Uttarandra Food :

Uttarandra region contains the states of Srikakulam, Vizayanagaram, and Visakhapatnam. The cuisine of this region has its distinctive flavours and unique taste. The people of this region prefer to eat more food with a sweet taste. They often cook the dish items in Jaggery(Bella).

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Poori and Patoli are other favourite breakfast items. Ulli Karam(Onion curry) is another popular Andhra dish made with corn seeds adding onion paste. Inguva charu is made with tamarind and hing, which taste sour and sweet. Other recipes are Bellam charu, which makes with rich rice flour, Jaggery, corn cobs, and whole shallots. Uttarandra people like this dish more than any other dish.

The pickles are pretty different from other regions’ pickles. They add mustard powder and red chilli powder to the sun-dried Mango pieces. Their combination is soaked in sesame oil to give the pickle to preserve. This method adds very taste to the pickle.

Rayala Seema Food:

Among the Andhra Pradesh Food items, Rayalaseema has some unique dishes in its cuisine. They use chilli powder in almost all the words. It is near Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, so those states’ food influences more by Rayalaseema dishes.

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Jonna, Ragi Rottelu is made with a combination of Ghee in Rayalaseema. This Andhra Pradesh Food is delicious and has protein and fibre combined food. These Telugu recipes are beneficial to health. Ragi sangati is usually served with Chicken curry (Natukodi Iguru). Uggani, another unique dish, the famous in Kadapa and Kurnool districts. It is made with boiled Paddy Corn and served with Mirapakaya Bajji.

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1. Pulihora

Pulihora is a famous Andhra Pradesh food made with tamarind juice, tomatoes, and mustard seeds. The local people called it Chitrannam; the dish tastes salty and sour simultaneously. First, boil the rice and isolate it on a light wet cloth. Now mix the rice with tamarind powder, later with tamarind juice in sufficient measure. This is a fine cuisine during the festival celebrations, even various functions like marriages and village fairs.

2. Chepa Pulusu

This is essential Andhra Pradesh food in the countryside areas. The peasants enjoy the dish on Sundays. At first, the households cut off the fresh fish as slices and later rub it with tamarind powder. Hence, the fish pieces were tossed in the tamarind juice and kept on the light fire for more time. Then the details of the fish observe the liquid, which makes a unique taste—at the final State, added spicy herbs to the cuisine. The taste is very spicy. This Andhra Cuisine serves every Andhra restaurant.

3. Pesarattu

Breakfast items in Andhra Pradesh are delicious; everyone admires tasting them as a breakfast item. The Pesarattu Dosa is made with green moong dal. First, I soak the moong dal in water and make a smooth paste. The paste is made as a dose, and while it heats in the pan, the maker sprinkles the onion and Mirchi slices. The dosa is commonly served with coconut chutney, which adds an extra tongue taste. This breakfast item is ubiquitous in authentic Andhra food corners.

4. Gutti Vankaya Koora

The Andhra people believe that the Gutti Vankaya is the king among other vegetables. Every household prepares this curry by using stuffed eggplant. At first, they pressed the eggplants with roasted spicy herbs and tossed them with groundnut oil. Then fry it for some time on light heat. Later, add the tamarind and mustard seeds. After this special Andhra dish smells delicious and is ready to eat with rice and bread

5. Bobbatlu

Till now, we have known about the spicy items of the Andhra cuisine. But Bobbatlu is a delicious item tastes sweet. The children to elders are eager to eat this dish of Andhra Pradesh. It is also famous as Puran Poli, prepared in every Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra household. Especially, Bobbatlu prepared during the festival celebrations. Andhra people believe that Bobbatlu is a pious, classical sweet dish to offer God or Goddesses. This is made in two layers, the first and upper layers of wheat flour. I kept the lentils and jaggery stuff inside the wheat layer and heated slowly on the pan. The Andhra unique sweets item is also available in the sweet shops.