Fatehpur Sikri Ancient Mughal City

Fatehpur Sikri:

Fatehpur Sikri means the ‘city of victory’. The city is located on a low hill of the Vindhya mountain range and only 35 kilometres away from Agra. At this place, the Mughal dynasty founder Babur did a battle and won over Rana Sanga of Mewar. In gratitude to the people of Mewar, he named the place Shukri, which means ‘thanks’. During the Akbar time the village ‘Shukri’ occupied by the stone cutters. Then the famous Muslim astrologer and Sufi Saint Shaikh Salim Chishti settled here and giving preachers to his devotees.

Akbar Visit Shukri City:

fatehpur sikri

In 1566 AD the great Mughal Emperor Akbar came to power and many years he was not blessed with the children. So in 1568 AD Akbar went to the Sufi Saint and asked for the birth of an heir. The saint blessed him and said heir would be born soon. On August 30, 1569, AD Akbar’s wife gave birth to a boy child. Akbar felt very happy and named the boy Salim and later two years he decided to move the capital to Sikri.

Akbar Built Fatehpur Sikri City:

There were also some political issues to move the capital to Sikri. They were Sikri was a strategic location in Rajasthan and close to Gujarat region. Akbar had an idea that the traders can trade with Arabs by using the Gujarat coastal area. In 1571 AD the construction of the capital started and continued fifteen years. Akbar spent much of his time in Sikri. Due to some political issues, he abandoned Sikri in 1586 AD. During that time Akbar was very busy doing wars with Kabul and Kandahar, So historians believe that he abandoned the city.

Fatehpur Sikri After Akbar:

fatehpur sikri

However, the city was the place for many historical events. In 1619 AD emperor Jahangir spent here three months when Plague disease spread in Agra. In early 17th century, many queen mothers made this city as their hometown. Muhammad Shah refurbished the city for his coronation celebrations. Later the city was deserted up to British Viceroy Lord Curzon restoring the glory of FAthipur Sikri. He supported the archaeological surveyors to do the restoration works to bring the city into the Historical magnificent monument.

Architecture of Fatehpur Sikri:

The Architecture of the city is well sophisticated, we can see here the Mughals architect style in every monument. Fatehpur Sikri provides a great charm to the tourists. During the Mughal period, the city is not attracting destination but now without visiting Fatehpur Sikri, your tour couldn’t be completed. The city is only 26 Kilometres away from Agra city. The city is so large and decentralized. There are no landmark buildings here and can see four isolated buildings on the corners of the city. Those attractive buildings are Diwan-i-khas and Songkran Makara. UNESCO declared the city is one of the world heritage sites.