Dwaraka The Ancient Kingdom Of Yadavas

Dwaraka the Ancient Kingdom:

Dwaraka, one of the ancient India kingdoms of Yadavas and also known as Dwaravati. It was also the gateway for foreign kingdom into India mainland. The city is very sacred city pilgrimage sites to the Hindus and also one of the seven most ancient religious sites in India. Jarasandha King of Magadha terrified the Yadava chiefs and made them flee from his kingdom. Yadavas came to the city and founded Kingdom in its name. The Kingdom has included the states of Andhakas, Vrishnis and Bhojas. The Yadavas ruling Dwarwaswere also known as Dasarhas and Madhus. The prominent chiefs were Vasudeva, Krishna, Bala Rama, Satyaki, Kritavarma, Uddhavr, Akrura and Ugrasena, who were residing in Dwaraka.

ancient india kingdom dwaraka


Dwaraka in Mahabharatha:

Dwaraka is a Sanscrit word, which means the gateway to the sea. It’s another name in Puranas was Mokshapuri. According to ancient India texts Shri Krishna was known¬†as the king of Dwaraka.

Shri Krishna born in Magadha, just south of Delhi in the modern time, at midnight on Friday July27, 3112 BCE. This period calculated on the basis of the planetary positions on that day by Sage Vyasa who wrote Mahabharatha in ancient India. His uncle Kamsa the tyrannical ruler of the city Madhura. Shri Krishna killed his uncle Kamsa for his Sins and settled in the kingdom, later he migrated from Mathura.

There is another story about the city. One day Krishna asked Vishvakarma, the deity of construction to build a beautiful new city for his kingdom. Then Vishvakarma informed him, the task could only be completed if Samudradeva provided some land. Krishna worshipped Samudradeva, he pleased at the dedicated devotion of Krishna and gave him 12 yojanas(773 kilometres) of land for construction. In this land, Vishvakarma constructed the beautiful ancient India city Dwaraka.

Dwaraka Under Sea:

After the Mahabharata war, Shri Krishna hit by the arrow of a hunter near Somnath at Bhalka tirth. Then Shri Krishna left for the heavenly abode. This incident caused the fights among the Yadavas, and the major Yadavas Chiefs were killed in the fights. Arjuna went to Dwaraka to bring Krishna’s grandchildren and Yadav wives to Hastinapura. As soon as Arjuna left the place, the city submerged into the sea.

ancient india kingdom dwaraka

Dwaraka excavation:

There was a curiosity among the ecologists who want to bring out the presence of the city in ancient India. In 1983 under the guidance of Dr. Rao, a great marine archaeologist, a team formed consisted of Underwater explorers, trained driver cum photographers and archaeologists. This team supported by Marine Archaeology Unit(MAU) and National Institute of Oceanography and archaeological survey of India. This team carried out 12 objects of articles and antiquities during 1983 to 1992.Finally, the excavations at Dwaraka under the sea gave evidence that the city had so advanced societies to the Indus Valley civilization.

The archaeologists discovered the ancient India city under the sea which submerged into the sea happened in the year 1443 BCE.