Indian Culture The Best Way to Lead Life

Indian Culture:

Indian Culture teaches many lessons how to lead a life. In Indian culture, the costumes are very attractive to compare with other countries’ traditional dresses. Indians wear in their daily life, particularly they use peculiar colorful dresses on the occasions like festivals, rituals and on auspicious days by following the Indian customs. Traditional clothing in India varies with religion, community and region. In India, every state has its own style of traditional dress code. Indians give a lot of importance to the dress materials since the Indus valley civilization.

Indian Culture and Its History:

Historically in India, the costume cloth was woven and dyed in Indus Valley Civilization. Our forefathers had known about weaving cotton costumes. The cloth seems comfort to wear during hot summer season. The cotton industry well developed in ancient India and exported to the western countries. Some of the rock sculptures and Ajanta and Ellora paintings show us the beautiful wearing style of dhotis by dancers and goddesses. The paintings indicate to the modern people about the richness of Indian custom dress colors and designs. The recent the ecological surveys published that the Indus Valley Civilization also knew the process of Silk cloth preparation.

indian culture

In Buddhist culture, we can see the cloth wearing style which resembles the Greek people. The new trades with the Romans and Greek was the cause the cultural exchanges among the Indians and foreign.

Indian Culture Weaving cloth in Ancient times:

India started to trade with China for Silk Cloth. Chinese have maintained the preparation and process of Silk cloth and costumes under secret circumstances. But the process spread all over Asia in 140 A.D. After that India also started the production of Silk Cloth. Many cloth weaving techniques were practised the Ancient Indians. Still, some techniques are in surviving widely. Some of the Persian designs influenced on the ancient weavers caused to bring the variety of several designs. In the process of creating the new designs, Indians invented new techniques among them the dying technique was one. The ancient Indians had very brilliant talent in dying on clothes.

Female costumes in Indian Culture:

Women wear the cloth which closely associated with the local culture, religion and climate. Saris, Ghagra choli, Salwar kameez, Pattu Langa, Pavada, Bindi, Churidar, Gamucha, Kurti and Kurta, these dresses have been wearing according to their tradition.

Men wear dhoti, white Sarong, Pancha, Lungi Sherwani, Jama, Head Gear, Dasten, and Gandhi cap.

Costumes Styles in Indian Culture:

Last 30 years there is a lot of change occurred in the lifestyle of wearing dresses. The Indian customs also suppressing by the modern thoughts. Mostly the Urban people adopting the styles of wearing dresses from western countries. However, the designers also started applying the western techniques in their work to bring the new variety of dress designs. Women started wearing comfortable dresses, which makes them do easily in work. The 21st century brought a lot of change in women dresses, now they are wearing the western style of dresses like Gowns, Pants, Tops Middies and Shorts.

Cultural exchange is common in the societies, but over exposing of the styles in dresses may bring a lot of problems.