Easter Festival A Major Christian Festival

Easter Festival:

Easter Festival is a very important festival to the Christians. The Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God. He preached to his followers about the importance of love and compassion. He was crucified for everyone’s wrong – doing and then came back to life after three days by defeating death and evil. So on the occasion of this event, the Christians celebrate Easter festival in grand scale. The date of the Easter day is not fixed on a particular day. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of a full moon day after March 21.

easter festival

Origin of the name Easter:

The name Easter day is called in the name of ancient Goddess and God. The word also related to one of the names to Spring season called in ancient period. So probably this word derived from Easter, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring.

Origin of Easter festival:

In the Mediterranean era, the people followed the Pagan religious beliefs. In a story related to those days, Cybele, the Phrygian fertility goddess had a consort, Attis. Who was believed to have died and lived back again each year during March 21 to March 25. So the Mediterranean followed the Easter celebrations  between those days to honor Attlis.

Another theory also roaming about the celebrations of Easter festival. According to Gerald.L.Berry, author of “Religions of the world’, wrote

About 200 BC. Mystery cults began to appear in Rome just as they had earlier in Greece, Most notable was the Cybele cult centered on Vatican hill. Associated with the Cybele cult was that of her lover, Attis. He was a god of ever-reviving vegetation. Born of a virgin, he died and was reborn annually. The festival began as a day of blood on Black Friday and culminated after three days in a day of rejoicing over the resurrection.”

like this, there are some different views on celebrating Easter festival.

But Many religious historians believe that many events in Jesus’ life were recorded in the gospels. The modern Christians believe the subsequent events, which happened in the life of Jesus were true and they gave little value to the Pagan myths as well as the other stories. They believe that the presence of Attis story was baseless. So the Christians believe that the account of Jesus death and resurrection was true. So the Christians are following the Easter celebrations in the trust of Jesus crucifixion and his resurrection.

Easter Celebrations:

Easter festival is a big festival to the Christians. The Easter celebrations have very worth in every major Christian populated area. Generally Easter festival falls on Sundays, those Sundays are called Easter Sundays but in some countries Easter Monday also celebrates. Two days before the Easter Festival occurs good Friday. In various countries, the celebrations are performed in grand scale.

easter festival

Easter Eggs:

Easter eggs are a special attraction on  Easter day. In olden days the eggs decorated specially and distribute to others. Mostly the eggs decorate with red color, in memory of the blood of Christ, shed from his body while he was crucifixes. Christians believe that the eggs are the symbol of the empty tomb. But now in Modern custom, the devotees preparing chocolates in egg shape or preparing plastic eggs filled with candy and distributing instead of chicken eggs.

Easter day a major festival and the Christians recall the memories of Christ on the festival day by praying him in the Churches.