Mirabai The Devotional Figure of Hinduism

Mirabai Birth

Mirabai was born at Merta in Nagaur, Rajasthan in 1498 AD. She was one of the great devotees of Lord Krishna. Since her childhood days, she had a deep love for Krishna and the concept of Hinduism. One day her mother gave her an idol of Krishna When she was six years old. Then she felt the deep love on Krishna and started worshipping him day and night. She had born to a noble family so at the age of sixteen her marriage fixed with Prince Bhoj Raj, the heir of the Chittor kingdom and the eldest son of Rana Sanga.

Marriage and Husband’s Death


Mirabai gets married unwillingly to Bhoj Raj in 1516 AD, the heir of Mewar. The devotional attitude of Mira never considers Bhoj Raj as her husband. She strongly believed only Krishna was her husband. Her devotion made her neglecting the household duties. She didn’t spend a single minute intimately with her husband so that her married life was ruined out. In 1518 AD her husband wounded in the Hindu-Muslim wars of the Delhi Sultanate. His wounds caused him to death in 1521 AD. She didn’t follow the ancient custom of Sati when her husband died. Later few years of her husband’s death, her father and father-in-law were also killed during a war with Babur, who was the founder of Mughal Empire in India.


There are many legendaries about showing the spiritual power of Mirabai. For instance, her father-in-laws tried to kill her many times. Once they send a glass of poison to Mirabai by telling it was the nectar. However, she drank it as water. Another legend was once Vikram Singh wanted her to go drown herself into the water. By following his instructions Mirabai tried to drown but floated like a flower on the water. Such types of many legendaries are around her life, but some have a contradiction to qualify them as true.

Getting Attainment

When Mirabai was 30, she went to Vrindavan in Mathura in search of finding Krishna. She spent all her time for praying and worshipping her God Krishna. She had been wandering everywhere in Dwarka to gain the enlightenment. Finally, with the blessings of Lord Krishna, she was blessed getting enlightenment and went to Dwarka, the heavenly place of Lord Krishna. People believe that she went into the temple of Krishna in Dwarka and disappeared into the air. However, she left behind her many compositions of several songs and poems. These compositions show us how Mirabai loved Lord Krishna.

Mirabai Poems

Mirabai wrote many poems about her deep expression of love and feelings towards Lord Krishna. Traditionally her songs were known as ‘Pada’, which were the small spiritual songs praising God Krishna. The style of ‘pada’ was very famous in the 14th century and understandable to the common people also in those days. During her time the Bhakti movement was at its peak and the Indian history filled with conflicts and religious differences between Hindu and Muslims. So the themes of her poems made her the symbol of narrating the suffering of people and the desire for a fresh lease of life.