Bengali Language, Spirit Of Literature

Bengali Language, Spirit Of Literature:

Bengali language is also known as Banga, belonged to the Indic group of the Indo-Iranian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. So It is one of the widely spoken in India and the official language of West Bengal and Main in Bangladesh. Almost 190 Million people all over the world speaking in Bengali. It is a prominent language in the world.
Generally, the old Indo-Aryan languages are very complex to learn literally. But Bengali has drastically reduced the complex learning system and made easy the grammar and another alphabet.

bengali language



The language belongs to the Eastern branch called Aryan or Indo-Iranian of the Indo-European family of languages. The form of the scripture is in Prakrit or Middle Indo-Aryan languages, which descended from Sanskrit. Until 500 BC Sanskrit was the main language of India, later it declined and formed into many languages. During that period the language dominated the society and many literary works written in Sanskrit. The  Sanskrit thrived many thousand years and evaluated entire the Subcontinent.

Apabhransa-Avahattha was the literary language in ancient times. Still, there are some records and evidence about this language. The poems in this language are very similar to Bengal. But the language of the speeches didn’t synchronize to the modern way of speech. The Apabhransa-Avahattha language spread in some regions in Subcontinent and melted with local vocabulary. Like all the languages transformed as New Indo-Aryan languages. Like this Bengali language originated in the middle of the tenth century.


West Bengal and Bangladesh, ethnically homogeneous. In these areas, 98% of the population belonged to Bengalis. The people speak Bangla and the remained people belonged to Biharis and various tribal groups. Many famous modern literary works done in the Bengali Language. The language is very famous and typical language in India. In modern times many famous books wrote in the Bengali language. India’s only one Noble Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore also wrote his book Gitanjali first in the Bengali language. Our national anthem also first wrote in the Bengali language.