Mahakavi Kalidas Biography

Mahakavi Kalidas Biography

Mahakavi Kalidas was a famous classical poet in Sanskrit. He was renowned as Mahakavi and made a glorious contribution to the Sanskrit literature. Kalidas Poems brought a unique quality to the literary works. His writings are heart touching and an intellectual treat to the thinkers and the common readers.

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Sanskrit Writer Kalidas stories:

Mahakavi Kalidas was born before 6th century CE in India. There are some doubts about the exact time of the birth. However, he worked in the court of Emperor Vikramaditya ruler of Ujjain. Kalidas had a lot of knowledge about whole Bharat by traveling all over India in those days. For instance in the poem ‘Meghaduta’, his descriptions about mountains, rivers, cities and villages narrated with full pictures form. The narration about the beauty of Himalayas makes the reader lot of impression. In another Kalidasa poems ‘Raghuvamsha’, he discussed the place, the people and their lifestyle, their habits, professions, and trades. The narration placed every part of Bharath in his Magnum opuses.

We have known very little about the personal life of the Sanskrit poet. Mahakavi Kalidas was one of the nine gems at the court of Vikramaditya of Ujjain. But in the Indian history there were several known Vikramaditya, however, the nine gems could not have been contemporaries. Some believe that the writer was the courtier of the second Shunga king who lived in 2nd century BCE. But most of the scholars accepted that Kalidasu should be associated with Chandra Gupta II.

mahakavi kalidas

Poet Kalidasa works are judged by the Indian tradition and the Sanskrit language support to the cultural density. In Ritusamhara the wonderful work of him described the beauty of seasons. It has written in his youth. In the work Abhijnanashakuntala, this book discussed the seduction between nymph Shakuntala and the King Dushyant. Later his rejection of Shakuntala and the child Bharata, finally their journey to heaven makes the reader fly around the story. He chooses this story because the name Bharatavarsha came from the name of Bharatha.

A story behind Mahakavi Kalidas Marriage:

Mahakavi Kalidas was born in the family of Brahmin, the Sanskrit Poet’s parents died when he was six months old. A cowherd brought him up and led him into his profession so that the boy became illiteracy. At the mean time, Bheemashukla ruled Kashi. He has a daughter called Vasanti and the King wanted her to marry Vararuchi, who was a great scholar in the court. But she refused her father’s proposal and wanted to get marry a man who was more scholar than her. When Vararuchi got furious on Vasanta and wants to teach a lesson to her. One day Vararuchi brought the cow-herd boy to the capital and instructed the boy not to say anything except ‘Om swask’ to any question asked by anyone in the Palace. The boy agreed and followed him to the royal palace.

The boy impressed Vasanti and believes him a great scholar. Vasanti married him and only later came to know the truth. Then she felt in deep struggle and worshipped goddess Kali and taught her husband also to worship the goddess, Kali. He started praying Kali but the goddess could not satisfied and not blessed him. Then the herdsman vowed to the goddess to sacrifice himself before goddess Kali. Then the appeased goddess appeared before him and wrote some letters on his tongue and blessed him. With this story, the cow-herd boy became Kalidasa, which means a devotee of Kali. This story is very popular legends about Sanskrit writer Kalidas.

Kalidas Magnum opuses:

1. Kumarasambhava

2. Raghuvamsha

3. Malavikagnimitra

4. Vikramorvashiya

5. Abhijnana Shakuntala

6. Meghaduta

7. Ritusamhara