Acidity Home Remedies

Acidity Significance in Body:

Acidity has so many remedies referred in Ayurveda. It is called Amla Pitta in Ayurvedic terminology. The problem might cause at any time and any place. The significance of the acidity is the patient can discomfort near the chest and later turn as significant distress. The symptoms of acidity make the feeling of bloating, sour feeling in the mouth and flatulence etc. When you are facing these problems with acidity, Ayurveda shows you the home made remedies free from Acidity.


The home remedies are:


Bananas are the best fruits to beat acidity. When you are feeling about of acidity, then you could eat an overripe banana. Because banana contains potassium, which is the best medicine to cure the problem. Potassium can beat the discomfort and makes you feel free.


When you are discomfort with above problem, take four to five Tulasi leaves and chew them. Tulasi leaves contain anti-ulcer properties and reduce the acidity power. When you are suffering from acidity chewing the Tulasi leaves is the best solution.

Cold Milk:

Cold milk also another solution to cure the problem. When a person is suffering from acidity, he might feel burning sensation in the stomach. Milk has a high amount of calcium, which helps to reduce acid thickness by absorbs the excess acid produced. Before going to drink cold milk do not mix milk with sugar. The cold milk provides instant relief from the burning sensation in the stomach.


When you are feeling acidity attack take Pudina leaves and drop them into the boiling water. After cool, the water takes the liquid. This liquid improves digestion and helps to reduce the burning feeling in the stomach.


Take the Ginger and make it into small pieces and chew the pieces for some time. Another way is to drop the small pieces of ginger and drop them into the boiling water and drink the decoction. The liquid has the quality of protects the ulcers by promotion mucus and reduce the effect of acid in your stomach.



Jeera has the quality of stimulating the production of saliva. When you are chewing Jeera it helps to improve metabolism and relieves gas from the stomach and reduces the gastric troubles. When you are feeling the gastric acidity, took few Jeera seeds and chew them some time or drop the seeds into the boiled water and drink the water during the frequent time, then the problem will reduce.


Amal contains the high amount of C vitamin, it helps in healing the injured stomach lining. Amla helps to reduce the Acidity trouble and protect not to affect the injuries on the stomach.



Take 2 or 3 Cardamom and crush them into powder. Now drop the powder in the boiling water and cool the juice. After, drink the juice 2 or 3 times a day. It reduces the gastric problem. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, Cardamom has the quality of stimulating digestability and relieve stomach spasms.


Cloves are the best solution to reduce the risk of the problem. If you bite a clove, keep the released juice in the mouth. Slowly the juice enters into the stomach and reduce the acid reflux and give you some relax.

Coconut Water:

Take daily 300 ml to 500 ml coconut water twice a day. It is the best home remedy. Coconut water has the quality of reducing the acid reflux and heartburn.