Gopala Krishna Gokhale

Gopala Krishna Gokhale:

Gopala Krishna Gokhale was one of the prominent freedom fighter and political guru to Mahatma Gandhiji. He was born on May 9, 1866, in Kothapur, Maharashtra. His father Krishna Rao who was a farmer and later worked as a clerk in a British local Company. Mother was Valubai, also known as Valubai. Her Mother seems very simple women. However, she knows profoundly about Indian mythologies, epics. She taught her children about the values of life and religion. Gopala Krishna Gokhale native village was so far to Thmhanmala town. However, he raised in the home of his maternal grandfather and continued studies.

Gopala Krishna Gokhale Education:

gopala krishna gokhale

His formal education completed in the local school later went to Rajaram high school for higher education in Kolhapur. He gave very preference to the bondages among the siblings. So He had good respect for his elder brother and Sister-in-law. So he learned the values of self-sacrifice, went to school without meals and studied under the street lamps to save his elder brother money. He worked very hard in studies so that graduated from Elphinstone College, Bombay in 1884 at a very early age of 18. In his final year in graduation, he got a scholarship of Rs 20 per month.

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Gopalakrishnan Ghokale command on the English Language:

He had the command in the English language and very fluent in speaking the language. Even he read many books of democracy and parliamentary system. He could express his views in English without any hesitation before the British. So after his graduation, he got the Assistant Master Position in the new English school in Pune. He brought a book of arithmetic with the collaboration of a colleague N.J. Bapat. This book became very famous and used widely in India, caused to think widely about the demerits of British rule in India. He was the founding member of Fergusson College in Pune in 1885, dedicated 20 years to the development of this college as a teacher and board member.

Public Life:

At a very early age of 20, he gave public speeches on ‘India under the British rule’. Hence his command of the English language was applauded by the public and the learners. He thoroughly wrote articles to the English weekly Mahratta to stimulate the youth to achieve their new goals for free India. He wrote on many issues, especially on Patriotism among the people of India. His ideas, speeches, and knowledge made him the secretary of the Deccan Education Society. In 1893 he was elected to the Senate of the Bombay University.

In those days the conflicts between the Hindus and Muslims were very more. So, Gokhale completely concentrated on the developments of communal harmony among the Indians. He elected twice as the President of Pune Municipality. Then he solved many problems of the poor, restored the drainage facilities and concentrate on sufficient water supply to all classes of the People in Pune. Gopala Krishna Gokhale also published a daily newspaper ‘Jnanaprakash’ and wrote many articles on certain reforms in politics and society.

Servants of India Society:

He taught that the selfless service can only do good to the common people. Due to this motto, he started a foundation named ‘Servants of Indian Society’ to support the people in various fields. The members of the foundation services in educating women in society helps victims of floods. Many people influenced the ideas of Gopala Krishna Gokhale and supported him in his work. Then Mahadev Govind remade taught Gokhale about sincerity, devotion to public service and tolerance. These qualities made Gokhale a pure devotional spirited man.
Gopala Krishna Gokhale went to England to explain to the British Government and the British society about the Britisher’s unfair treatments on the Indian people. He spent 49 days in England and delivered 47 speeches to 47 different audiences.

Reforms Indian Society:

He strongly believed that the reforms in the Indian society can help to attain Swaraj. Therefore he brought a mechanism to bring the reforms in Indian society. These efforts made the British government bring Minto-Morley reforms in 1909. But his desire for communal harmony was not possible to bring Unity to various communities. The Muslim community thought that they belonged to a separate unit. While He traveling all over India, he tried to bring unity among the people as well as communal harmony.

Gopalakrishna Gokhale Death:

He traveled various places and gave speeches about unity among the people of India. He worked very hard for many years in bringing the absolute awareness about making India free. Gopala Krishna Gokhale devotion to the country was not allowed him to take rest. The heavy work toll on Gopala Krishna Gokhale, almost his health became very worse. Finally, he died on 19 February 1915 and left his tendency to followers. Even though India lost a real patriotic leader of Mother India.