Thanjavur Temple – Place for Religious Destination

Thanjavur Temple – Adobe of Lord Shiva

Thanjavur Temple is one of the most spectacular pieces of Indian Architecture and holy places. It is a magnificent temple and located in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India. It is the Adobe of Lord Shiva, the important worshipping place of Hindus. Hindu devotees worship the God with the utmost respect. It is not only a holy place but also world heritage site and attracting the Tourists from all over the world. The city is an important agricultural centre located in the Cauvery Delta and known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”.

Tanjore Temple History

During the Chola Kingdom (10-11AD), the king Raja Raja Chola-1 extended his kingdom by defeating the enemy kings. To honour his victories in his reign, he intended to build a Thanjavur big temple to honour Lord Shiva. This duty was given to famous architect Sama Varma. The architect designed the Thanjavur temple according to the ideas of Raja Raja Chola. Cholas were great patrons of art,  so the king Raja Raja Chola-1 supported him in every way to construct the Tanjore big temple. It took 12 long years to complete and Raja Raja Chola performed the first Kumbhabhishekam.

Brihadeeswara Temple Architecture

The Brihadeeswara temple is huge in size and the boundary walls are very high. The entrance of the temple leads huge rectangular encloses. The Inner part of the temple was divided into parts, and each part allotted to the musicians, workers, priests and public. There are long corridors around the main temple. At the eastern and western ends of the corridors having 108 Shivalingas were arranged.

The main attraction of the Thanjavur temple is Vimana built over the sanctum, which is 216 feet high. This made with black granite and weighing around 80 tons. How did the workers bring to that height is still a surprising doubt. Another interesting sculpture is Nandi, which weighs 25 tons, 12 feet height, 19.5 feet length and 18.25 feet in width. The Nandi seated place called Nayak Mandapam the holy places.


Interesting Facts of Brihadeeswara Temple

The chief architect Samavarama designed a unique structure of Brihadeeswara temple because no shadows of the temple are cast on the ground at any season of the year. The temple is the great contribution of Chola dynasty to the Dravidian style of temple architecture. The temple is famous for its Art on the ceilings and can see the Fresco paintings in the ceiling of the corridors. Cholas invented the painting style and the paintings are still brightly coloured. Surprisingly they did not fade out after 1000 years also.

How to get to Thanjavur Temple

By Road – Hindu place of worshipping Thanjavur is connected with all major cities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Nearest Railway stations – There are many trains to Thanjavur from Chennai Journey takes 9 Hours, 3 trains daily. From Rameswaram 6 Hours, 2 trains daily. From Rameswaram 6 Hours journey and 2 trains daily.

Nearest Airport: The nearest Airport Tiruchirapalli, it is located 58 kilometres away from Tanjavur. The Indian Airlines also connected Tiruchirapalli with Madhurai and Chennai.

Other Tourist places around Thanjavur Temple
Vijaya Nagar Fort

It is 2 kilometres away from Brihadeeswara temple. It seems very beautiful. Nayak King Vijaya Raghava and completed by the Marata rulers. Within the fort, you can see there Thanjavur palace, Sangeetha Mahal, Sarfogi Saraswathi Mahal library, Shiva Ganga garden and art gallery.

Opening hours of Vijaynagara Fort :

January to December: Open all days 10:00 am to 08:45 am

Entry fee for Visiting Vijaynagara Fort:

The entry fees for Vijaynagara Fort mentioned below. We have listed the entry fees for Indians, the entry fees for foreigners, camera fees and other charges if applicable.

Domestic Adult: 20

Child: 10

Senior: 20

Foreigner: 100

Foreigner Student: 100

Schwartz church:

Thanjavur ruler Raja Serfoji built the church in 1779 to honour Reverend Frederhonourhristian Schwartz. The church built with white Marble and carved the marble depicting the final moments of Schwartz.