Goa Beaches Destination For Enjoyment

Goa Beaches:

Goa beaches are famous tourist spots in India. It is renowned for its beaches. The Goa beaches attracted people from all over the world. Especially the Europe tourists prefer to visit Goa beaches in the Winter and summer. The monsoon season attracts Indian tourists.

Portuguese rulers ruled Goa for nearly 450 years. So their lifestyle influenced Goa people till now. The culture is quite different to other Indian states. The churches are widely spread all over Goa. The churches and Convents of Goa have been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Goa Beaches cover about 125 Kilometers of its coastline. The Goa beaches are divided into North and South Goa.

Goa Beaches The Betalbatm Beach:
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The beach is where to come to enjoy the company of Sun and Sand. This is also called Sunset Beach. The view of the sunset from here makes us want the Orange rays of the Sun. It is also famous for dolphin spotting. July is the best month to visit Betalbatm beach. This beach does not unaffected by winds. The Sun rises earlier in the morning but averages 33 degrees Celsius. Goa beach resorts are located on this beach.

Goa Beaches Majorda Beach:
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This is the beach filled with Palm groves. The combination of White sand and the greenery make the tourists not turn their heads off the landscapes. As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought to this beach as a child. The beach is famous for toddy tapping business. There are many goa beach resorts located on this beach. The restaurants serve tasty and authentic seafood. You can enjoy water sports such as Jet skiing and water skiing. Winter is the best season to visit this beach, from October to January.

Goa Beaches Benaulim Beach:
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This beach is located forty-one kilometres from Panaji. It is the best location for Sun lovers. This place is covered with greenery. As per Hindu mythology, an arrow shot by Lord Vishnu landed here once. Hence the original name of the beach was Bavali(arrow). There are some tourist places nearby. St John the Baptist church is on the top of a hill, which is very near to this beach. The artisans carved several masterpieces on and in the church. Jet skiing, windsurfing, and boat rides are famous here. November to April is the best time to enjoy it here more.