Victoria Memorial Hall Monument For Queen Victoria

Victoria Memorial Hall:

Victoria Memorial Hall is situated in Kolkatta. Queen Victoria ruled India after the sepoy Mutiny of 1857 AD till her death in 1901. Before the sepoy mutiny, the people of India suffered under the East India company rule. While Queen Victoria started ruling India, She brought administrative reforms in favor of India.

Victoria Memorial Hall, Lord Curzon Contribution:

victoria memorial hall

The Present Victoria Mahal built in memory of Queen Victoria by then Indian Viceroy Lord Curzon. After Queen Victoria died, Lord Curzon wanted to build a monument to pay his gratitude towards her. So he asked for funds from the people of India and Princely states in India for building the imperial memorial for the queen. As a result, he managed to raise a sum of 5 Lakhs rupees in those days. He chooses Sir William Emerson, who was the President of the British Institute of Architects for the project. Finally on 4 January 1906, the Prince of Wales and King George V laid the foundation stone for the construction. Messrs Martin &Co company completed the construction of Victoria Memorial and finally opened to visitors in 1921.

Victoria Memorial Hall Architect:

The design of Victoria Memorial is very attractive and complicated to construction. Sir Wiliam Emerson worked very hard to give the final design of the Memorial. Almost he gave the Indo-Saracenic style of construction. The Mughal, British, Deccan, Egyptian and Islamic styles used in the Architecture. The dome on the top of the building has very complicated construction. Because this is in octagonal Shape. David Prain and Lord Redesdale designed the lush green garden in front of the memorial. The garden and memorial are spread almost 64 acres. Almost the building covers 338 feet length and 69 meters width. The height of the palace is approximately 56 meters. The entrance gate and Cozy bridge designed by Vincent J.Esew.

Gallery and Museum in Victoria Memorial Hall:

victoria memorial hall

The palace also contained a special museum and a Royal Gallery. We can see some artifacts, Paintings, and memorials of Queen Victoria in the Museum. Almost the gallery filled with some oil paintings and memorials of Queen Victoria in the Museum. The Marriage painting of her with Prince Alber in 1840 AD kept here. The famous Paintings of Charles Doyly William Hadges, Tilly Kettle, Thomas Hickey and William Simpson also kept in the Gallery. Dagger of Tipu Sultan, Cannon which used in Battle of Plassey and a manuscript of Ain-i-Akbari by Abul Fazal are the special attractions here.