Purana Qila, Symbol of Unity

Purana Qila Delhi Symbol of Unity Among Hindus and Muslims:

Purana Qila Humayun constructed this famous for in Delhi. The monument is located on the historic site of Indraprastha. But it isn’t easy to estimate how much the part of the

purana qila delhi

Fort Humayun and Sher Shah were constructed. However, both periods’ architectural style was the same and unique. According to historians, Humayun completed the wall, gates, and Sher Mandal and mosque built by Sher Shah. Before Humayun, Indraprastha had a lot of history. After the advent of Humayun to the throne, Humayun rebuilt Indraprastha and named the construction Dinpanah. In later years, Sher Shah came to the throne and renamed Dinapanah Shergarh.

Purana Qila Delhi Construction:

Around the fort, there has a circuit of 1.5 km rectangular shape. The East and West sides of the defence are huge, with 0.33 meters in thickness. Each corner of the wall is covered with massive bastions. Thus Purana Qila has the remarkable feature of bastioned ramparts and other following security methods.
Another remarkable feature of Purana Qila is the three gates and their designs. The architecture of the fort is a combination of Hindu and Muslim styles. It shows us the Hindu and Muslim unity in those days. The northern gate is called Tallaqi Darwaza. The gate panels depict a man engaging in mortal combat with a lion. The Southern entrance also has similar panels with the elephant instead of the Lion. All the gates are Unique and the most striking monuments in Delhi.

Unique of the Monument:

The fort’s roof was constructed with red sandstone crowned in three chapters. These chapters and their tops are covered with dazzling whiteness and added coloured tiles to enrich the beauty of the fort.
Notable constructions situated inside of the wall. They are the famous Qila-i-Kuhna Masjid, Sher Mandal, Octagonal tower and others. The Octagonal building is associated with the death of Humayun. The Qila-i-Kuhna Masjid was built around 1541 A.D. The structure indicates Indo-Islamic architecture.

Qila-i-Masjid, Purana Qila Delhi:

Purana Qila delhi

The Qila-i-Masjid in the fort is very large and attractive and occupation a rectangle. The length is 51 meters, the width is 13.5 meters, and the height is nearly 20.1 meters. We can find the stair turrets at the rear corners of the Masjid. The windows are arranged on brackets at intervals for oriel into the Masjid. The entrance is divided into arched bays, and every arrangement of the Masjid seems very pleasant. The entrance arch is marble, and the red sandstone is studded with marble bosses. The construction of the fort happened fort’s construction still Purana Qila is beautiful Purana Qila is still. All tourists who visit Delhi don’t leave without seeing this Purana Qila.