Three Supreme Gods Of Cosmic Universe

Three Supreme Gods Of Cosmic Universe:

three supreme gods

Lord Shiva:

In Hinduism Lord Shiva is very devotional God to the Hindu devotees. He is also called as Bhagwan Shiv, who is a cosmic destroyer. In Vedic period Lord Shiva didn’t mentioned about his presence, so he is not a Vedic God. In his earlier days the devotees worship him as Rudra. According to Hindu puranas he is the ascetic Mahayogi and looks of every action of every creature on the Earth and controls the Universe. He is the primeval dancer and the dancers worship him in the form of Natrja. With his divine dance signifies the cosmos dissolution. His adobe is Himalayas.

Lord Vishnu:

Hindu incarnation God is Lord Vishnu. He incarnated into many forms whenever the struggles happened. So he is called as the preserver. His adobe is Vaikuntha and accompanied with Goddess Sri Lakshmi. Hindus believe that He is always in deep mediation in a milky ocean and look after everything in the Universe. Hindus believe that the ocean resembles the time and thousand headed cosmic serpent Adi Shesha give shadow with its thousand heads. Garuda, the heavenly eagle is His vehicle. Some Incarnations are Lord Rama, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Venkateswara and so….

three supreme godsIn the Rig Veda the presence of Lord Vishnu discussed with only six hymns. In Rig Veda the narration of Lord Vishnu, is the friend of Indra. Lord Vishnu battled against the demon God Vritra with Indra. But in the Puranas Lord Vishnu admired with utmost respect. The Vyshnavas treat Him the supreme God of all. But he has the qualities of permanence and preservation. According to puranas, whenever Adharma is thriving when he incarnate to oppress Adharma. He has ten incarnations according to Puranas. According to Hinduism, Hindus believe that Lord Vishnu is the symbol of divine love. Vaisnavism is majorely functioning in the present society.

Lord Brahma:

According to Hinduism Lord Brahma, the first among the other Gods. He is the four-headed divine figure and He is the creator of Universe. He has ineffable divinity and His five heads shows the four directions. In Hindu Puranas Lord Brahma is described as growing out of the Navel of Lord Vishnu, sitting on a lotus.
Hindus believe that he created seven sages with his mind, who later famous as saptarishis. He also created Prajapatis. He was the creator of all creatures came into being. His four faces represent the four directions of East, West, North and South, the fifth head represents the upper direction to look after the Universe. He is the symbol of virtuousness.