Earthquakes, Manor Magnitude in India

Earthquakes in India:

Earthquakes are natural disasters that cause a lot of damage to people and their resources. In India, several earthquakes have damaged many significant disasters; some major earthquakes are listed below.

1Shillong Plateau, Meghalaya8.712, June 1897
2Arunachal Pradesh 8.526 June 1941
3. Bihar-Nepal Border8.315, Jan 1934
4Andaman Islands8.116 June 1819
5Kangra, Himachal Pradesh8.04, April 1905
6Kutch, Gujarat8.021 July 1956
7Bhuj, Gujarat7.726, Jan 2001
8Srimangal, Assam7.68, July 1918
9Cachar, Assam7.510, Jan 1869
10Assam 7.223, Oct 1943
11Dhubri, Assam7.12, July 1930
12Anjar, Gujarat7.030 May 1885
13Sopore, Jammu & Kashmir7.020 Oct 1991
14Chamoli, Uttar Pradesh6.829, Mar 1999
15Manipur-Myanmar Border6.610 Dec 1967
16Koyna, Maharashtra6.521 Aug 1988
17Bihar-Nepal Border6.419 Jan 1975
18Latur, Maharashtra6.330, Sept 1993
19Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh6.220 May 1997
20Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh6.020, May 1997

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