Jantar Mantar Famous Observatory of India

Jantar Mantar Famous Observatory:

Jantar Mantar is one of the famous and stone observatories of India. It is the largest observatory in the world and was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh.

jantar mantar

Maharaja Jai Singh founded the Pink City and constructed this Jantar Mantar between 1727 to 1733. In those days it attracted many Mathematicians and astronomists. Jai Singh built totally five astronomical observatories and the Jantar Mantar was one among them.

Jantar Mantar Place for Scientists:

Previously Jantar Mantar called as Yantra Mantra, due to the wrong pronunciation the ‘Yantra Mantra’ changed as Jantar Mantar. The Jantar Mantar constructed with complete stone and at the entry point of another famous Indian monument City Palace, Jaipur. The surroundings were arranged for comfortability to observe the Universe.
In olden days the place was a destination to many Mathematicians and astronomists. Jai Singh collected many instruments which were very useful to the astronomy. The architects constructed this place with advanced methods. So that many ancestors visit this place to know more about astronomy and its several facts. Jantar Mantar is a unique experimental place, where we can get maximum results from the experiments. The instruments also very similar to the contemporary instruments. Here many Indian scientists did many experiments and scientific methods bear proof of the strength of Indian Astronomy during the medieval period.

Architect of Jantar Mantar:

jantar mantar

Jantar Mantar constructed with complete Jaipur exquisites stones and marbles. We can see here the arithmetical instruments which used to know the time count, Predict eclipses. Here the important and chief astronomical instruments are Jai Prakash Yantra. Ram Yantra and the Samrat Yantra. Jaipur sundial is the prime instrument which could depict accurate time as far as possible. However, in 1901 AD the place and constructions renovate and again did in the year 1948 AD. The Indian government also recorecogniseds monument as a National Monument. Every tourist who visits Rajasthan, they don’t leave without visiting the place.