Gautama Buddha History – Enlightement

Gautama Buddha History

Gautama Buddha is one of the famous incarnation of Lord Vishnu, many buddhas as well as Hindus worship Him great respect. His preaches and way of life changed the entire attitude of Indian society during his period and later. He was born in or around 563 BCE on a full moon night in Lumbini. His father Suddhodana and Mother Maya. His mother died at a very early age of Siddhartha. Hence he brought up in the house of Gauthami his aunt. So that Lord Buddha also known as Gauthama.

gautama buddha

His family belongs to Sakya tribe and ruled Kosala in the sixth century B.C. The tribe made Sravasti city as their capital which was in the Himalayan foothills. When Siddhartha born, the court predictor and great sage Asita examined the boy and predicted he would become the greatest king of all times or a great renouncer. Therefore Suddhodana wants to make him a great monarch rather than the saint. Since then the little Siddhartha kept him under the observation of Gauthami and hide the ground realities of life from Siddharta. Few years later at the young age, married Yasodhara and born him a son called Rahul. Even He was in the pleasure of circumstances, sometimes his heart alert him to know the Salvation for sorrow. The repeated alarm in the mind made him quest for knowing the salvation of life.

Gautama Buddha Story after Marriage:

Gautama Buddha spent most of his life around the walls of the fort. He rarely comes out of the walls and observe the people outside. One day he wanted to see more of the world, so he ordered a chariot to take him out. Hesitatingly the Chariot took him out of the palace by avoiding the orders of Suddudona. In his way into the town he saw an old man, who bent due to his age and was struggling to lead his life. In another day, he saw an ill-affected man and finally a corpse. These all incidents rendered his heart and came to a conclusion that no one can escape from the death. Every time he was thinking in his mind to know the way to bring sorrow to an end.

The unstoppable thoughts made him to leave the palace for the search of salvation to the sorrows. One night Siddhartha accompanied by his servant Channa, went to the forest and then send Channa back to Kapilavastu with his jewels and all valuable belongs. Then He cut off his hair and started the austere life to quest for truth. In the way of knowing salvation, he met many sages and engaged with their teachings, spent with spiritual teachers. All his efforts futail and didn’t find the answers for rendering doubts in the thoughts. Even though, he spent in fasting and became very weak, pain inflicted on his body. Finally, he found himself there was no use of doing it so to find the self-realization. So that one day he sits under the bodhi tree in Sarnath and starts meditation until he achieved enlightenment.


One day he became very pure and untempted by any of human lusts. After the enlightenment, he said the four noble truths to his very first disciples. They are 1. Every existence should suffer . 2. Ignorance and desire are the cause of suffering. 3. There is always a cure for suffering, to avoid all these things, we should follow right speech, right beliefs, right mode of livelihood, right conduct, right effort, right-mindedness, right aspiration and right meditation.

Lord Gautama Buddha Preaches 

The enlightened Gautama Buddha gave his first preach in the deer park at Sarnath in 527 BCE. The first disciples of Buddha became the members of Buddhist Sangha. Buddha traveled many places and preached his thoughts about salvation. Slowly his messages impressed the people and fame spread rapidly around the world. He impressed the great king Bimbisara and brought the law of Sacrificial killing of innocent animals. Buddha brought the glorious weapons of ahimsa and Non-violence. He refused the intentions of the people about Buddha had the miraculous powers. He preached the importance of reducing the desires from one’s own mind. Many people became his disciples and some followed his preaches. During his time, the kings also followed his guidance.

Gautama Buddha and His Son Rahula:

Over the years, his father wanted to restore the kingdom to Gautama Buddha and to made him the king of Sravasti. His father endeavored him and invited to the kingdom for the coronation of wast kingdom. Then Buddha didn’t tempt to abandon his calling. He came to the kingdom with his disciples and made his own son Rahula as his disciple. In the Palace Buddha preached about the lamentation due to the desires in life. Later, left the kingdom as enunciated man and traveled all over North India and spread the messages what he intended in his mind. There were many miracles what happened in his lifetime. Finally he reached the ancient city Kasi at the age of eighty. He spent there few more days and achieved Mahanirvana. After 200 years of his death, the Maurya Emperor Ashoka strongly influenced the concept of Buddhism. The preaches of the Buddhist monks made him to convert into Buddhism. Since then Ashoka the great spread the Gautama Buddha messages not only in India but also over the large parts of Asia.