Agra Fort, Another Wonder Beside Taj Mahal

Agra Fort Brief History:

Agra fort is very famous and magnificent. Agra is renowned for its glorious monuments. The Agra fort is in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Agra fort is only one and a half kilometres from the world-famous wonder Taj mahal. The reference is like a city where we can see palaces, mosques, towers and more. At first, Hindu King Sikarwar occupied the Fort and ruled for a few years from Agra Fort. Later, Sikandar Lodi, the ruler of Delhi, wanted to lead from the Fort because the Fort was firm and the Fort walls could protect them from enemy attacks. So he moved to Agra fort and ruled between 1488 to 1517 AD.

Mughals Seized Agra Fort:

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Sikandar Lodi died, and his son Ibrahim Lodi came to power and ruled for nine years from Agra Fort. But unfortunately, he died in the historic first Panipat war in Haryana with Mughal dynasty founder Babar. Ibrahim Lodi developed Agra Fort; he built many drinking wells and palaces. After the First Panipat war, the Mughals seized Agra Fort and robbed the great treasures of the Fort; among them, the Kohi Noor diamond also went into the hands of the Mughals.
Babar, Humayun and Sher Shah ruled from the Fort until the Second Panipat war in 1556 AD.

Mughals Ruled From Agra Fort:

During the Mughal rule, the Fort got its reputation. When Akbar came to power, he realized the importance of Agra and its location for security reasons. So he made the Fort his home in 1558 AD. At that time, the Fort was positioned entirely, and the worn bricks of the Fort were falling. So Akbar decided to rejuvenate the Fort by rebuilding some parts. So the Fort was rebuilt with sandstone brought from Rajasthan. Nearly 1,444,000 workers worked for eight years to complete the renovation work of Fort. Finally, the present form finished in 1573 AD. Abar ruled his large kingdom from the Fort.

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Shah Jahan And Agra Fort:

When Shah Jahan came to power, he made many changes and added rich cultural designs to the Fort. With his efforts, the Fort became magnificent look. We can see these changes till now. Shah Jahan built many renowned monuments in his lifetime. Among them, one is the present world wonder Taj Mahal. He made the Taj with white Marble, which has a distinguishing feature. He also constructed several palaces with white Marble in the Fort. When Aurangzeb came into power, Shah Jahan was imprisoned and died in the Fort. The Fort also played a crucial role and centre of the First freedom fight of India in 1857. Due to the Struggle, British East India Company rule ended in India, but the British ruled India directly.