Udaipur City – Famous For Lakes

Udaipur City – Famous For Lakes

Udaipur, Rajasthan, is a city of beautiful water Lakes and historical palaces. Here the dawn of the Sun bound the spectators with joy and pleasure. Hence the people maintain friendly nature and social bondage. Udaipur Rajasthan combines the ecological richness, greenery, aesthetic beauty, the surrounding lakes and the range of Aravali hills. Due to the landscapes and hills, the City seems like heaven on Earth to tourists. The gardens in Udaipur city and their beautiful, unique forms give extra rich to the beauty of the place. Here the homes, palaces, and Pichola Lake made the visitor passionate and became a memorable event in their lives, so tourists visit the City repeatedly.

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Udaipur History

The Udaipur Rajasthan has a remarkable history and played a vital role under the Mewar of Maharana Pratap. The City is also the capital city of the glorious Mewar. During the wars between Mughal emperors and the Mewar of Maharana Pratap, the City fights against the Mughal emperor Akbar to stand for its freedom. The Lakes in Udaipur city are also interconnected, so the City has another name, ‘The Venice of East’. The monuments, forts and other constructions mingle with nature and show the harmony between modern buildings and the beauty of nature.

The monuments, forts and other constructions mingle with nature and show the harmony between modern buildings and the beauty of nature.
The City’s climate and environment are delightful and give joy to the visitors. The historical monuments, forts, palaces and other attractive objects are passionate national and international tourists—the increasing tourist visits caused many changes in Udaipur tourism. The growth of city visitors also drives cultural transformation among the people.

Udaipur Tourist Places
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City Palace:

City Palace is one of the marvellous architectural construction in Udaipur City. Here a lake is also towering on a hill surrounded by A majestic architectural marvel towering over the Lake on a mountain with enclosed walls. The rooms, gardens, courtyards, pavilions and every part of the Udaipur City palace have attractive objects.

Fateh Sagar and Nehru Park

Feteh Sagar is a beautiful lake that covers several hills on three sides. Maharana Fateh Singh built the north side of Pratap Memorial. It is a wonderfully scenic place where one can enjoy staring at the site’s beauty. In the middle of the Lake, we can see a beautiful garden named Nehru park, where one can attain peace with the atmosphere. Here the Sahelion-ki-Bari, a beautiful garden also constructed in honour of maids. Pratap Smarak is the memorial place of Maharana Pratap, and we can see the statue of Maharana Pratap with his favourite horse ‘Chetak’. Dudh Talai, a beautiful ‘Rock Garden’ and many tourist places are occupied around Udaipur city.