Jamshedpur, Steel City of India

Jamshedpur Steel City of India:

jamshedpurAbout Jamshedpur:

Jamshedpur is the name of the city known to everyone as the industrial city of India. The town was established in 1908 by the efforts of Parsi industrialist Jamshedji Tata—the Steel City is also often known as the Pittsburgh of India. Jamshedpur was constructed on perfect planning and is still maintained and managed admirably. Dolma hills surrounded the city and kept the green covering.
Industries in Jamshedpur
The surrounding city has limestone quarries, magnesite, and iron and coal deposits. The first gigantic factory Tata Iron and Steel Company(TISCO) established in 1912. TELCO is another industrial unit that produces locomotives. The famous National Metallurgical Research Laboratory is also located in this city. The tourists can also visit some of the industrial units to know some knowledge about ‘how the manufacturing units are working here’.

Tourist Attractions in Jamshedpur:

Jamshedpur is a place for tourists to learn about the knowledge of industries and enjoy a lot by roaming around the city. Mainly the Damodar Valley Project attracts a lot and gives lot of wanting to tourists. The city also spread with lakes, rivers and the Dolma hills. Here the pollution is heavy, but the greenery purifies most of the air pollution. Dimna Lake and Jubilee Park also have a lot of fun for tourists. Especially Tata Steel Zoological Park is one of the most attractive parts to tourists.
Damodar Valley Project
Damodar Valley Project is also another tourist attraction place. The project reserves the flood water of the Damodar River. The reservoir is also used to produce power and for irrigation purposes. From this project, Bihar and West Bengal states are getting water for their purposes.

Dimna Lake in Jamshedpur:

Dimna Lake seems very beautiful. Tata Steel has constructed this lake to water its plant and the city. It is an artificial reservoir and the primary source of the city’s drinking water. The place is about 13 km from the city and is a popular tourist spot.
Tata Steel Zoological Park
The park houses have a variety of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Broad types of migratory birds visit this place yearly during the winter, and bird lovers visit this place mainly during the winter. The park also has beautiful lakes and boat house restaurants.

jamshedpurDalma Wildlife Sanctuary:

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the best Sanctuaries in India, is situated in the Dalma mountain ranges and occupies 193 sq. Km. Here we can see the deer, sloth bear, leopard and tigers in their natural habitat. The Sanctuary was inaugurated in 1975 by the late Sanjay Gandhi. This is the place for the devotees; on the top of the hill, a temple of Lord Shiva is situated and crowded with devotees during Shivaratri.

How to reach the place:

By Air: The nearest airport is located in Patna.

By Rail: Tatanagar railway station is connected with many major railway junctions in India.

By Road: There is Road connectivity to Jamshedpur from every major city like Dhanbad, Patna and others cities.