Mumbai City – The Economic Capital of India

History of Mumbai City:

Mumbai city is India’s economic capital and a big metropolitan city. The City combines religions and different regions people met here to lead their lilivesThe attractive and passionate Bollywood industry is also located in this famous country. Mumbai’s Population is high than any other city in India.

Mumbai city

Bombay city is a combination of seven islands in the Arabian Sea. Initially, the fishing villagers and Aagris tribes developed on these islands. In later years, the people on these islands followed the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Early 9th century, the region came under the rule of the Silhara dynasty. Later in the 17th century, the Portuguese and British colonists founded Mumbai, and the Portuguese named Bombay. In 1995 Bombay changed to Mumbai; both are still popular in India.

Interesting Facts about Bombay India

At first, the famous sailor Francis Almeida reached the land and named it Bom Bahia, which means ‘Good Bay’. Gradually the name was pronounced Bombay, and many Portuguese people occupied the lands and constructed the Churches. Most of the people were Roman Catholics. In 1661 AD, the Portuguese gave Charles II of England these seven islands as a dowry. In 1668 Charles II rented these islands to the British East India Company. But the City’s infrastructure developed during the period of Sir Robert Grant, who governed the City between 1835 and 1838. He was responsible for laying the broad roads and building the paves and Grant Medical College. Under his guidance, the government applied a 21-mile-long railway line between Bombay’s Victoria Terminus and Thana, the first in India.

Mumbai City during Freedom Fight

Before Independence, the City was vital in several summits among the great Indian freedom fighters. It became an important centre for politics and government, getting a solid base for the Indian independence movement.

Modern Mumbai City:
mumbai city

After India gained Independence in 1947, the City expanded enormously in every field. Even the industrial revolution also started around Mumbai city. Various regions people settled in Mumbai and boosted the technology and modern services. The Modern and Western lifestyle broadly spreads into the lives of Mumbai people. Most of the Indian Billionaires also settled in Mumbai city. In 1960 the state of Bombay was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat states on a linguistic basis, and Mumbai city became the capital of Maharashtra. Here the people enjoy high-quality living conditions, a modern economy and urban infrastructure.