Bengaluru City – The Silicon Valley of India

Bangaluru City History
bengaluru city

Bengaluru city is the Silicon Valley of India. The city has a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. It is the capital of Karnataka and has four hundred years of history. Magadi Kempegowda founded the city in 1532 AD. In the 16th century, the most potent Chieftain, Kempe Gowda, ruled most parts of Karnataka. Historians widely accepted he was the founder of Bangalore. Kempe Gowda born in 1513 in a village near Yelahanka and a chieftain under the Vijayanagara Kings. Kempe Gowda intended to build a city that would house a military cantonment and temples and provide employment to tradespeople. He took permission from the Vijayanagara Kings and laid the foundation stone for Bangalore City in 1532. For security purposes, he built a watchtower on a granite hillock, which we can see now. For some years, Ban, a galore city, also came under the possession of the Mughal Empire.

Bangalore City During British Rule:

The British East India Company established a cantonment near Bangalore in 1809. Then the British developed the surrounding areas and trading. Whenever trading started emp, employment also increased. People got adequate money for their livelihood and started sitting on the fringes of the cantonment area. Some people also migrated to the presently developed areas like Tasker Town, Maciever Town, Richmond Town etc. With the subsequent events, the population around the cantonment area crossed one lakh people by 1890. The British Government look after the administration of the people in Bengaluru City.

The Silicon Valley of India After Independence:
bengaluru city

After India’s independence, since Ben, Bengaluru city became a Corporation and is famed as the Silicon Valley of India with a population of over seven lakhs. Later Central Government and local Industrialists established many industries like the Hindustan Machine Tools and Indian Telephone Industries. Those establishments caused a sweeping change in the lifestyle of Bengaluru city people. Significantly Information Technology changed the entire face of Bangalore. Famous Defence projects were also established in Bengaluru city. The city was developed not only as an Industrial centre but also as an Educational centre.

Here the climate, the spread of greenery and job opportunities attracted not only the Karnataka people but also those who belong to other states of India to settle in the city. By 1971 Bangaluru became India’s seventh largest city, with over 16 lakh people. Now the city has 3 million people and is the 5th Metropolitan City in India.

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