Samprati Maurya King, ‘Jain Ashoka’

Samprati Maurya King Early Days:

samprati maurya king

Samprati Maurya king is one of the famous kings of India and grandson of Samrat Ashoka. He was born and brought up in Ujjain; his father was Kunala, who was blind and mother Kanchanamala. Due to Kunala’s blindness, his cousin Dasharatha denied the throne to him and his son Samprati. During his time their kingdom was under Mauryan Empire. So both Samprati and Kunala approached the court of then Maurya Empire Ashoka and asked Ashoka for justice of claim the throne. Then Ashoka impressed by Samprati’s skills of administration and battle skills and declared Samprati as the successor to Dasharatha. Due to the Emperor Ashoka’s declaration Samprati inherited the throne after Dasharatha’s death and he enthroned in 230 B.C. but he had been handling the administrative duties long before.

Samprati Maurya King Contribution to Jainism:

samprati maurya king

Hence Samprati ruled Ujjain with the skilful administration and admirable decisions in favour of good governance to his people. As per the Jain tradition, he ruled for 53 years. The great Jain monk Suhastin influenced Samprati with his preaches and his explanations of Jain principles. Though Samprati greatly influenced with the principles of Jainism and sent Jain scholars overseas to spread the principles and doctrines of Jainism. According to the Jain scriptures, Samprati ruled both from Pataliputra, the present Patna, Bihar, and Ujjain.

Samprati and Buddhism:

Samrat Ashoka was famous for the spread of Buddhism like that Samprati also considered as the ‘Jain Ashoka’ for his endless efforts in spreading Jainism all over the world. He worked very hard to spread Jainism through all possible methods and brought the Jainism scriptures into existence. Samprati also concentrated on the old existing temples to repair. He renovated the Old Jain temples and set up in all of them holy statues made of gold, stone, silver and other mixture of metals. He gave importance of Jains ceremony Anjankala. This ceremony is still very sacred event to the Jains. He built one thousand five hundred new temples and repaired thirty-six thousand temples and installed ninety-five thousand metal structures within three and a half years. His service to the Jainism was very magnificent to every Jain. Still, we can see his built temples at Viramgam and Palitana(Gujarat), Agar Malwa(Ujjain).

Samrat Ashoka’s Influence on Samprati:

samprati maurya kingSamprati Maurya king, like the qualities of his grandfather Ashok, was a peace-loving, affectionate and brave king. The entire of his life he focused on spreading the peace and principles of Jainism. He maintained the close relation with Acharya Suhastisuri and followed strictly his principles. We can find the life story of Samprati in Jain scriptures like ‘Sampratikatha’, ‘Parishistaparva’, and ‘Prabhavakcharita’. He broadly encouraged the religious celebrations to bring harmony among the people and remove the variations among the same people. His contribution to Jainism was the cause to become Jainism a world religion. The great peace lover and devotee of Jainism and a powerful King Samprati Maurya king died in 190 B.C. He had no children.