Asia’s Best Beach Radha Nagar Beach

About Radhanagar Beach:

Radhanagar beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. It is located on Havelock Island, about 67 kilometres from the capital city of Port Blair. It was noted as Asia’s best Beach by TIME Magazine in 2004. The Beach attracts tourists from all over

radhanagar beach

The world. It is the most attractive tourist spot in India. The beauty of the Beach is unforgettable; the surroundings are covered with beautiful forests, the water is in turquoise blue colour, and the shore is covered with white sand. The Beach seems like an artist’s brush paint. The tourists feel they are in heaven when they bare feet on the Beach. The Island stretches only 2 kilometres long and 40 meters in width. The waves in the sea are significantly less, so the tourists enjoy playing and performing water activities in the water.

Memories at the Radhanagar Beach:

Radhanagar Beach has all the facilities to enjoy. It offers everyone some offers; on the Beach, you can enjoy the scenery, do adventure activities, or relax by lying down at the shore by watching the calm waves and everything you can face. You can walk with your loved one by walking along the Beach. You can sit nearby Coffee shops to enjoy watching the cultural activities or just read a book by sitting under the greenery trees. The Beach can give you a lot of fun and does every act of your memory.

How to Reach the Island:

The best way to reach the Island is by boat or seaplane. A seaplane takes around 20 minutes from Port Blair, and a ship takes 4 hours from Port Blair. Speedboats are also available; they took 2.5 hours to reach the Island. There are ferry boats that go via Neil Island; they take another hour extra time to get to the Island. But the sailing is very memorable. Government allot the ferries as subsidized, and private ferries

radhanagar beach

also available, but the expenses for them are more than three times of Government subsidized ferries. M.V.Makruzz ferry services and Catamaran ferry services are popular ferry service centres. It is better to book the tickets in advance. Especially during the peak season, the services are hectic, and some other services add to demand. Coastal Cruise ferry service is top-rated and can run in any weather conditions. The ticket fairs are also significantly less compared with other ferry services.

Activities at Radhanagar Beach:

A variety of activities has been performed at the Beach. The Sunset and Sunrises are stunning to look at. For tourists, a wide variety of water sports is offered at Radhanagar Beach, such as scuba Diving, Swimming, Snorkelling, Game Fishing and other sports. The water on the Beach is very calm, so swimming in the water is very comfortable better not to swim after sunset because the waves slowly increase their strength in the dark, and strong waves forcefully reach the sea shore. The Radhanagar beach offers a lot of privacy to the coup less, so newly married couples choose this Beach for their honeymoon. Another tourist destination is Blue Lagoon, which is very near to the Beach; this is a very comfortable place for the couple to enjoy.

Facilities to Eat:

The restaurants at the Beach are very famous for their cuisines, especially seafood. They offer mouth-watering dishes like seafood-based varieties. Every restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the restaurants offer healthy and hygienic food to the tourists, which Government Tourism Board monitors.


There are several beach resorts and hotels situated at the Radhanagar beach. They provide rooms for tourists. Accommodation is not at all a problem at Havelock Island. During the peak seasons booking the rooms in advance is significantly better. The Cross Bill Beach Resort, Wild Orchid, Barefoot at Havelock and Island Vinnies are famous resorts at Havelock Island.