Useful Activities to Maintain Flexible Life

Practical Activities to Maintain Flexible Life:

Flexible Life, rest: By Practising Savasana and rhythmic breathing, we can quickly learn to relax and rest. When we get to sleep, the Body gets recharged, and we can do the work comfortably.

Sleep: It is essential to go to bed at ten. According to Ayurveda, before midnight, the cosmic position of the Earth provides the most favourable radiation to regenerate our nervous system. The best sleep hours are ten in the evening and four in the morning.

Alcohol and Tobacco: Completely avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco makes better functioning of the nervous system. Taking Tobacco and Alcohol causes to destroy the nervous system and ill health.

Drugs: They have the qualities of harmful efforts on the nervous and digestive systems. The drugs ruin the freshness of the Body. Taking drugs poisoned the Body and Mind. They reduce mental calmness and destroy willpower and resistance.

flexible life

Baths: Taking a day bath makes the Body and Mind refresh. We were doing morning and evening baths is helpful to the brain to keep in peace mood. Do not take a bath after meals. Daily we cover our Bodies with clothes, so by taking regular baths, the skin has a chance to breathe.

Swimming: Swimming is the best exercise to regulate breathing and keep the Body stiff. Suppose we swim in rivers, lakes and seas. We should take advantage of it. As we can doing swimming, is highly beneficial to health.

Sun Bathing: For flexible Life, Sunbathing is essential to observe. One should attain energy and force. The Sun rays have a lot of Vitamins that are helpful in the Body. It is better to bathe in the Sun beside the river or lakes. The best time for Sunbathing is the morning at the time of Dawn. This is the time when the Sun Rays can cure many illnesses. Sun rays provide Vitamin D.

Nose Bath: A nose bath is beneficial in avoiding nose-based diseases. Fill a bowl with little heated water and add a teaspoon of soda or sea salt bicarbonate. Plunge the nose into the water and inhale it through the nostrils until it flows into the mouth. We can get rid of Cold by practising three or four times daily.

Eating: Properly eating food reduces the risk of digestive problems. Food should be thoroughly masticated. Consuming excess food or meat causes severely taxing the digestive organs. Raw and green vegetables, fruits and juices, and milk and dairy products are beneficial in increasing energy and health. Immediate walking is not good after meals, take half an hour between meals and walking.

By following the instructions above, we can lead our flexible Life peacefully and without health complaints.