Agonda A Beautiful Beach in Goa

Agonda the beautiful Beach:

Agonda beach is one of the best beaches in India. The climate is very calm, and one can relax away from all the daily life burdens. It stretches for around 3 kilometres, and the tourists can enjoy it by sparing their vacation. Agonda beach is not allowed the Hawkers, so that you will remain undisturbed.

agonda beach

Agonda Beach Weather:

The weather on the Beach is warm throughout the year. Temperatures never exceed 33 degrees Celsius. During the day, the temperature is less than 33 degrees; at night, the temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius. From December to February, the weather goes down to very extraordinary. The seashore is covered with beach huts, dismantled during the Rainy season. In the Rainy season, the Beach seems deserted—the perfect season for tourists to attend the Beach is between October to March.

Activities at the Agonda Beach:

They can enjoy performing so many activities at the Beach, like Chilling, Swimming, Walking, eating and Scuba diving and so many are there. Nothing is the main attraction at the Beach. Boat trips are available to raid on the sea.

Accommodation at the Agonda Beach:

The coco hut is very famous on Agonda beach. The people prefer to stay in coco huts. The Beach is famous for coco huts. H2O is a luxury cottage; we can also see the there sea. Agonda White Sands huts and villas are renowned for their hospitality. Om Sai, another place, provides cheap houses by the Beach. Hangout, Fusion and other resorts are there. We can listen to live music at night, and the stay makes up for complete satisfaction.

agonda beach

Agenda Restaurant facilities for Food:

There are many popular restaurants in Agonda. The seafood is very famous and provides in wide varieties. The prices are reasonable, and the taste is very delicious. The slim rose restaurant is the best; they give the best food items. The beach huts around the Beach are the perfect spots for romance, and one can enjoy the Sunset with a drink. Nature Organic restaurant is famous for super fresh and healthy Food. The tourist prefers to make their lunches at the restaurant. Vegetable and non-vegetable items are of rich quality in this restaurant.

Party Celebrations:

The Beach is not looking ideal for a party place. Those who want to celebrate the parties on the Beach might disappoint after looking at the facilities here. But South Goa’s biggest outdoor dance club is near Agonda beach. The road connectivity is there to go to the nightclub.

How to reach The Beach:

Goa’s Dabolim airport is the nearest. There are many taxes from the airport; the fare for the taxi is more than one thousand rupees.
There are two railway stations. One is Margo, who is 30 minutes journey to Agonda beach, and the taxi costs more than 500 rupees. Another railway station is
Canacona is 20 minute’s journey to Agonda beach and costs around 200 rupees. Government buses are also available from various cities around Goa.