Sabari, The Beloved Devotee To Rama

Sabari, The Beloved Devotee to Lord Rama: 

Sabari has a peculiar place in the Hindu mythological epic Book Ramayana. The present generation can learn many qualities from the life of Sabari. Still, in Ramayana, she is the most important character in Ramayana.

Sabari Receiving Blessings From a Rushi:


In Ramayana, Sabari belonged to a forest tribe. She lived on the banks of the river Pampa and serviced the old sages and Lord Rama with the utmost respect. Once, she serviced an eminent ancient philosopher Matanga and his disciples in the Dandaka forest with the utmost care. Then the old sage was satisfied with her service and assured her, ‘Rama will meet you one day on his way in search of Sita and accompany you some time and blesses you.
After she received the blessings from the old sage, she started living austerely and eagerly awaiting Rama’s arrival. Many years passed, and her waiting was not stopped; she became ancient. One day Rama accompanied Lakshmana on their way in search of Sita and visited the house of Sabari.

Lord Rama Visited Sabari’s House:


After she received the blessings from the old sage, she started austere life and eagerly awaited Rama’s arrival Years went on but didn’t meet Rama. She became ancient; finally, one day, Rama accompanied Lakshmana and visited Sabari’s hermitage on their way in search of Sita. She felt pleased as soon as she saw Lord Rama and her joy had no bounds at that movement. She respectfully invited them into the house and made them sit comfortably. After they sat on the seats, she fell at their feet with great devotion and said, ‘Rama’, now you gave the meaning to my austere life; I am in total bliss, and now my life has a sense of devotion.

Sabari Ascending to Heaven:

Later she offered them some wild fruits; before offering, she first tasted the fruits to find which one tastes to serve Rama only sweet fruits. She did it with her utmost respect at Rama. Then Rama was incredibly pleased with Sabari’s sacred devotion and blessed her ascend to Heaven.
With her life, we can learn many things. We always need to trust in our fulfilments. If anyone wants their desire of enlightenment, it comes only with sincere aspiration and serving God.