Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty

Kakatiya Dynasty:

Kakatiya Dynasty, a famous Telugu dynasties. In early days Kakatiyas were the warriors and Samanthas of Rastrakuta and Chalukya kings who ruled in Karnataka. Kakatiyas had a lot of military skills, so they became the army chiefs and gained control over Anmakonda. Therefore After the fall of Chalukya dynasty, they declare themselves as independent rulers. Due to the skills, the powerful dynasty founded by Prola II, during Rudradeva period (1158-1195) Orugallu became the new capital of Kakatiya dynasty.

Orugallu City Fort:


The city fort had four gates. The first gate protects agricultural land; the peasants cultivate the crops there. Here the rulers built several water tanks for agricultural purposes. Many craftsmen live in this area building the huts. The second moat wall made with mud and third moat wall of the fort was made of stone. The city buildings and palaces seated within the stone wall of the fort, as a result of the soldiers carefully look after them. In the centre, there was a temple of Svayambhu Shiva and the temple had four gates in the four directions.

Kakatiyas Merging Other Kingdoms:

Kakatiya kings as much as generally very powerful, they merge several places of other kingdoms into their kingdom and became very powerful. The Kings persuade many chiefs to accept them as their kings and protect their chiefs and subordinates from other kings’ invasions. Whenever the Kakatiya kings went to conquer other kingdoms, almost the Samanthas also follow them to support.

Nayakara System:

Rudramadevi and Pratap Rudra bought the nayankara system. Hence they chose several warriors who were not from any noble or powerful family and encouraged them by giving the good positions in the army. Therefore the Nayakaras shows with the utmost respect and loyalty to the king and the queen. They set some share of the collected tax for the service of the king. The Kings of Kakatiya dynasty followed this Nayakara system very admirably.

Villages Under Kakatiya Rule:

They Dynasty carefully look after the people with admirable administration systems. They built water tanks and digging many wells for cultivation. Mainly they concentrated on irrigation projects and built many water based projects in every village within their kingdom. The Royal families, Feudal families, the rich sections and the merchants participated voluntarily in providing agricultural facilities in every village.
Kakatiyas constructed many temples and played patronised role by donating land and other gifts to the deities of the temples.