Rudramadevi History- The warrior queen of Kakatiya Dynasty

Rudramadevi History 

Rani Rudramadevi was born in 1262 CE. Her father, Ganapatideva is the founder of the Kakatiya Dynasty. She was one of the most prominent women rulers of the Kakatiya Dynasty in Indian History. Rudramadevi ruled the Kakatiya Dynasty from 1262 to 1295 CE.

Rani Rudrama Early Days:

When Rudhramadevi was born, she was treated as a boy and given the male name Rudradeva. In those days, South India was dominated by male rulers. So Ganapati Deva brought her up as a prince and taught her every art of war. At 14, Rudrama Devi shared the throne with her father in the name of Rudradeva. She learned how to administrate the kingdom and participated in meetings with the public to understand the suffering of ordinary people.

rani rudramadevi

After the death of Ganapathi Deva, Rudramadevi celebrated her coronation and became the complete ruler of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Due to the male ruler’s domination, she was bestowed with a male name Rudradeva, and even asked the artists and workers to use her male name in all inscriptions. She also attended public meetings dressed as a man.

Rani Rudramadevi Suppressed the Enemies

Her succession to the throne was opposed by many small rulers and nobles, including her relations. They hated being under the women’s authority. With evil thoughts, all the enemies started to besiege the Orugallu Kingdom. In these complicated situation, Rudramadevi handled these with great courage and suppressed the enemies with her fierce forces. In this way, she proved herself the worthy of her enthrone as Queen. During Rani Rudrama reign, the mighty Yadavas of Devagiri and Cholas attacked to conquer the Kakatiya Kingdom but the attempts failed due to the strong determination of Rudrama Devi. Rani Rudramadevi ruled four decades with good administration, love of justice, equality among the people and administrators and spreading the peace. So during her ruling period, historians called the golden period in Andhra History.

Important Incidents in the life of Rani Rudrama 
  • Many allied kingdoms didn’t accept her as their Queen and revolted against her, but the Queen suppressed every revolution and became a shield to Kakatiya territory.
  • She married Veera Bhadra, but their intimate life ended very early; the death of Veera Bhadra caused her severe grief.
  • In 1280 Rudramadevi made her grandson Prataparudradeva the Yuvaraja
    In 1285 the Yadavas, Cholas and Hoysalas tried to conquer Kakatiya Empire and wanted to annex their Kingdoms. But the situation was oppressed successfully by Rani Rudrama Devi with the support of Prataparudradeva.
  • Rani Rudramadevi constructed the Orugallu Fort. Some historians believe that she started the Golkonda fort construction.