Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels:

Palace on Wheels was already famous before Independence. Before 1947 India was divided into so many princely states, among them Rajputana, Gujarat, and The Nizam of Hyderabad. The princes of these states and the Viceroy of British travelled in these luxurious coaches. After India gained Independence,e so many political situations occurred among these princely states, and these coaches were kept in the shadows. In 1981-82 the Rajasthan government planned to bring back these luxurious coaches into existence under the Tourism Development Corporation with the support of Indian Railways. This plan was successful, and the Indian Railways launched a special heritage tourist train for the tourists to give them a memorable experience when they visited Rajasthan.

palace on wheels
Palace On Wheels Interior:

The Palace on Wheels train is among the world’s top ten luxury train journeys. The journey takes seven days and makes a heart-rending trip. The trip takes you to the splendid forts and palaces of Rajasthan. The journey starts every Wednesday evening at 18-00 hrs in Delhi and ends by reaching next Wednesday in the morning at 7:00 hrs. After launching the train, in Rajasthan government and Indian Railways brought many infrastructural changes in the inner side of the coaches. They changed the coaches’ decoration, which resembles the royal state, and added air conditioning to the train.┬áThe interior decoration is Lavish and passionate for the tourists. Each saloon represents the cultural ethos of the states. The furniture, handicrafts, and paintings make a lot of richness to the bars.

The facilities in The Palace on Wheels:

The facilities in the train are as equal as the five-star hotels. Broad gauge trains were introduced with full air-conditioned coaches. The train had 14 saloons, each attached to a bath and shower. Four service cars, two restaurants cum kitchen cars and one Bar cum Lounge. There was also a library for the readers. The facilities in this train indicate all the modern amenities of everyday life. The interior was in the style of Rajasthani tradition, and each saloon had personal attendants to serve you. Travelling on this train is full of luxury and comfort. While you are travelling on this train, you feel that you are the guest of a prince, sometimes as a prince in the Palace. It is a perfect chance for tourists to feel how the royal families lead their lives in past.

palace on wheels
The Treatment of the Staff in Palace on wheels Train:

Treatment in the Palace on wheels train was full of respect and humility. Each saloon has four cabins attached with a bath and shower. In the two restaurants, the staffs offer traditional Indian food, Chinese cuisine and Continental food. The restaurant is full of stock with Indian liquor, scotch, wine and cocktails. Children can play games and always play piped music. And also, health-based services like Spa saloons and Ayurvedic massage have been newly introduced. There are doctor and laundry services also available. The names of the bar are given in the names of Princely states.