Hanuman Jayanti Symbol of Devotion

Hanuman Jayanti:

Hanuman Jayanti has been celebrating in the name of Lord Hanuman the monkey God who was very popular in Hindu epic Ramayana. He was the symbol of devotion, magical powers, strength and energy. He was the dedicated disciple of Lord Rama. When Rama was in deep lamentation for Sita, Hanuman searched for her in Sri Lanka and founded in “Ashoka Vanam”. All the Hindu devotees pray him by reading Hanuman Chalisa and offering pujas in the morning.

hanuman jayanti

Origin Story of Hanuman Jayanti:

Once Angira a great saint went to heaven to meet Indra. Indra welcomed and seated him. Then Punjiksthala a damsel presented a dance performance to appease Angira. Angira did not concentrate on the dance and started meditating on his God. After the end of the dance. Indra asked about the dance performance by Punjiksthala. He was silent and said that I have no interested in the dance so I was in deep meditation to my God. His answer disappointed the dancer Punjiksthala and she shows the rude nature on the saint. Then the saint got furious and cursed her that “you shall degrade to earth from heaven and born as a female monkey in the mountain forests”. Then she recognised her mistake and regretted to the saint and begged him for the solution. Then the saint calms down, as a merciful saint supported her and said, ‘A great devotee of Paramatma will be born to you and serve another Paramatma”. After she has born as a daughter to Kunjar who was the king of all monkeys on earth. At the adolescent, she got married to Kapiraj Kesari of the Mount Sumeru and gave birth to Hanuman. Some Hindu scriptures said that the birth of Hanuman considered that Lord Shiva’s 11th Rudra avatar. So all the Vanara community and humans were got happy and celebrated his birthday with great joy by singing and dancing. From then the day has been celebrating as Hanuman Jayanti, which indicated to get strength and wisdom like him.

Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations:

On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, all the devotees wake up early in the morning and do the holy bath. Then they decorate the Hanuman temples with flowers and mango leaves. The devotees apply red tilak to the forehead of Hanuman idol. All the devotees gather in the temple and sit before the idol of Hanuman and perform puja and read Hanuman Chalisa.

hanuman jayanti

After the rituals completed in the temple the devotees apply red Sindur to their own foreheads. The priest offers the Prasadam to God, which are brought by the devotees. People celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and strong devotion. It is the Hindu religious festival and the rituals celebrate in the cultural and traditional way of Hinduism.

Date of Hanuman Jayanti:

Hanuman Jayanthi celebrates on different days in different regions. In Maharastra, it is celebrated on Purnima in the Hindu Lunar month of Chaitra. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the people celebrates in Margazhi month. The Tamilians believe that Lord Hanuman was Crop featured image born on Amavasya in the month of Margazhi. In Odisha celebrate on 1 st day of the Baisakha(April). In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka People celebrates on the 10th day of Vaishaka month.