10 Lines about the Importance of Water

10 Lines on the Importance of Water
  1. Without water, there is no life on the earth. So water is essential to every creature, plant, and soil.

2. Our body is also created with 73 per cent of water. We can’t live without water for        24  hours. It is also helpful to function the body parts properly.

3. The earth is covered with 67 per cent of water and only 33 per cent land.

4. We use water in our daily work. In the house, the women use it for the household purposes of cleaning, washing and drinking.

5. Water has no particular minerals. However, drinking water regularly makes the body very healthy.

6. pure water is available in the Antarctica continent in the form of Icebergs.

7. scientists have been trying to know the water sources on other planets for habitation.

8. In maintaining hygiene works, water is the primary liquid.

9. Water is not only beneficial for crops and plant growth. It is even helpful to produce electricity at a cheap rate.

10. water products fulfil people’s needs for food.