Essay on Trees in 10 Lines

Essay on Trees in 10 Lines :

Trees are the main source for life on earth. Imagine that without the trees life on the earth is very difficult. The trees help the creatures on the earth in every aspect. Here are few lines about the importance of Trees.

1. A simple nut grown-up as a big tree, as a creeper and even the grass. Some grows very height with strong trunk and evolutes with branches. Generally, the trees give us fruits, flowers, wood and oxygen.

2. Some of the trees are useful as the medicine to the humans. The leaves, fruits, flowers have been using in ayurvedic medicine since thousands of years. In ancient period these medicinal plants were only source to cure the diseases.

3. Trees observe the Carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Oxygen is the main source for life and even gives us delicious fruits to fulfill the starvation.

4. The shade of the tree is very useful not only to the human beings, even to the birds and small size animals. During the rainy season the trees protect us from the rain and during the summer season protect from the sharp Sun rays.

5. Banyan trees are very big trees, which are the destination for all the creatures to live under its shadow. In ruler areas the people prefer to lay under in the evening for chit-chat.

6. Trees have the natural skill of purifying the polluted air. They also protect the rain pattern and cause to fall the rain to save the farmers.

7. The roots of the trees are very useful to prevent soil erosion. They expand under the earth and bind the soil.

8. The people have been cutting off the trees for their personal purposes. Especially the de-forestation causing the irregular rain pattern.

9. Especially, the expanding of the concrete jungles causing to decrease of the Trees in the cities. This makes to increase the heat in the weather. So that the Globe also becoming very heat. This makes very danger to the species.

10. So we should support to increase the plantation of trees and bring awareness among the people. So that only we can live happily.