Story of Valmiki – First Sanskrit sloka writer

Story of Valmiki
Valmiki who is considered as ‘Adikavi’ and the composer of Hindu Epic ‘Ramayana’. He was the first poet who wrote Sanskrit Shloka. He was born in a sage family but grew up in the family of the hunter. His father name was Prachetasa. His parents called him Ratnakara. When he was young, went into the forest and failed to come back to his home. When he was roaming in the forest, a hunter find out the story and take care of him. He grew up according to the customs of the hunter and get married. To him, hunting was not enough to feed his family. So he started robbing the people going from one village to another through the forest. If the people opposed him, he even killed them without mercy.
As the God’s grace, one day Narada Mahamuni came across him. Then the robber tried to frightened Narada to rob. Then Narada asked him, was your family members ready to partake the sins. Then he went home and asked each of the family members the same question. Then all the family members refused to accept his sins.
Ratnakara begged for salvation to Narada


Then Ratnakara realized that no one would share his sins and himself only responsible for all his sins. He came back to Narada and wanted him to show a path and begged to glorify his life. So Narada advised him to do ‘tapas’ and chant the name of Rama. As soon as he closed the eyes and strongly concentrated on the chanting of Lord Rama and lost his physical conscious. He did like this for many days, even he had neither food nor sleep. At last, the ant hill also grows all around him.
One day Narada Muni came that way and cleared the ant hill. Still, Ratnakara in his deep tapas and unconscious what was happening around him. Then Narada chanted the holy name of Lord Rama in the ears of Ratnakara. Then Ratnakara opened his eyes and saw Narada Muni. From there he saluted Narada and touched his feed. Then Narada lifted him and said that now you are the Brahmarshi and called you with a new name ‘Valmiki’, which means the ant-hill.
Ratnakara changed as Valmiki
One day Valmiki was on the banks of River Ganga and heard the sweet chirping of Krouncha birds – male and female were romancing. Suddenly an arrow hit the male bird and fell down with bleeding at the heart. Soon the hunter came there to collect the dead bird. The female bird start crying, this made Valmiki very sad and angry. Then in Sanskrit, he cursed the hunter the ever first Sloka which means, ‘Not only human being, even birds and animals also not be hurt during romancing.
He was very deep lamentation about the incident. Meanwhile, Lord Bramha came to him and asked to write the life story of Rama and Sita. Later the story famous as Ramayana, which is the most glorious story and history to the Hindu people.