New Delhi City – Famous As City of Rallies

New Delhi City – Capital of India

New Delhi is the Capital of India and has rich tradition and culture. The Delhi history has long and magnificent incidents in the Indian history. The place is the combination of Old and New Traditions. Mughals and Muslim kings ruled this place for centuries. So we can see here the combination of Islam and Hindu cultures and traditions in the lives of the people. The Old city people are still following their tradition and culture with great enthusiasm. But the New Delhi completely covered with modern ideas, buildings, new infrastructure, modern lifestyles and so many resembled with the present world.

new delhiDelhi History and Traditions:

Delhi is divided into two divisions one is Old Delhi and another one New Delhi. Old Delhi was the capital of Mughal rulers between the mid-16th and late 19th centuries. Before them also many Muslim rulers made the city their capital. Old Delhi entirely filled with huge mosques, historic monuments and forts. During the Mughal rule, the city developed a lot. Especially Shah Jahan widely constructed many monuments and forts around the city. The Delhi junction railway station is within Old Delhi and the inter-state bus terminus moderate to the north, at the Kashmiri Gate. In the evenings the bazaars are in bright colours and very narrow and chaos. The structures are in the designs of the Indo-Islamic architectural mix; we can see these structures at frenetic roads of Old Delhi. The Old city totally is different from New Delhi and South Delhi areas.

New Delhi Place for Modern Life Style

new delhiNew Delhi city was the capital of British and also the British added the historic attractions to the place. They totally concentrated to construct the City for Administrative purposes, so they built Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, Connaught Place and numerous government buildings like the South and North blocks, which have beautiful scenic from Raj Path. The buildings were constructed with beautiful architectural models and traditional indo-Islamic structures. Later India got the Independence our leaders continued New Delhi City as the capital of India due to its grand and historical significance in Indian History. The roads are very smooth, the houses built in modern structures, many beautiful parks and attractive places spread every corner of the city.

New Delhi Railway Station:

The New Delhi railway station at Paharganj and on the south Chelmsford Road are very stunning constructions. The tree-lined avenues seems a beautiful scenic to the spectators. Like this Delhi city constructed on modern methods and attracts every tourist and the people are following the modern lifestyle of Eastern countries. The rail museum Delhi is another tourist destination, thousands of tourists visit this place to know the rail history in India.

new delhi

Delhi is the metropolis central of the state. It has broad roads lined with strong colonial buildings which constructed after the imperial capital of British India relocated here in 1911. At its heart the famous superb malls, in the west Rajpath, in the East India Gate battle memorial. At the North the Connaught place, the business centres are situated. Best hotels in Delhi also seated at this place, We can see here numerous commercial airline offices and Banks. There is also Jantar Mantar which gives us the mathematical solutions and outstanding museums with arts and crafts.

South Delhi:

In this area, we can see many historic monuments. It is not in the part of Old Delhi, but the oldest monuments and old culture and tradition we can see here. The roads seem very broad and the place is occupied by colonial buildings.