Rajasthan Handicrafts Indian Heritage And Culture

Rajasthan Handicrafts:

Rajasthan handicrafts are very famous for its handmade objects and other. They are very famous all over India and also export to foreign countries. Especially the art lovers passionate them by looking. It is heard to them to turn their heads from the crafts.

Rajasthan Handicrafts Wooden Furniture:

Rajasthan Handicrafts of Wooden furniture is carved everywhere in India but Rajasthani wooden furniture has peculiar qualities for design and subtle miniature carving on the wood. They follow to carve different styles and designs. Lattice work on wood is the most famous of them. You can see

rajastani crafts

carved caskets, sofa sets, beds, dressing tables, doors, chairs and so many articles in Rajasthani style. The wooden articles like toys, decorative figures should not make our face turn from them. The Kishangarh Furniture make us not to forget the rich heritage of the Jodhpuri style of a wide range of wooden crafts.

Jaipur and Ramgarh in Shekhawati are popular centers for furniture but Jodhpur gets the first place. They carve the images of Gods and Goddesses, elephants, parrots, humans and animal figures.

Rajasthan Handicrafts Carpets and Dhurries :

rajasthan handicrafts

Floor coverings like Carpets, hand woven durries are export all over the world. The Durrie woven in Jaipur and also in the rural areas. They are available in all sizes. Camel’s hair also used in Bikaner and Jaisalmer to wove woollen durries. These are very famous. Interestingly Bikaner is famous for Jail Carpets, which made by the prisoners in the medieval period, still the name is following to call them. Rajasthani hand knotted carpets have geometric motifs and formal designs with a border and central motif. The motifs have been localized and include peacocks and other local icons.

Rajasthan Handicraft paintings :

rajasthan handicrafts

Miniature paintings, portraits, murals, painting on cloth and furniture, henna body art, decorating house art(Mandana) are very famous. The painting themes adopted from the Indian Mythologies and use rich and bright colours. In the paintings the, Artists use minerals, precious stones, shells and metals like gold and silver. Jaipur, Jodhpur Nathdwara and Kashangarh are important centers for such paintings.

Rajasthan Handicraft Blue Pottery Crafts :

rajasthan handicraftsAnother Rajasthan crafts are Blue Pottery. Blue glazed pottery is very famous in Rajasthan. The most known place for blue pottery is Jaipur. Blue pottery made with the use of Quarty, along with Sodium Sulphate, multani mitti and raw glaze. It is a Persian art form. They made not only the blue colour pottery but also a little amount of green and white colour.