Raja Raja Chola II, The Monarchs in Tamil Nadu

Raja Raja Chola II:

Raja Raja Chola II was one of the most fabulous kings of India and one of the greatest monarchs in Tamil History. He was born in 947 CE as Arulmozhi Vendar and the third child of Parantaka Sundara Chola. Mother name Thirumudi Kaari. He ruled the Chola dynasty between 985 and 1014 CE.

raja raja chola II
Conquests and the Expanding Kingdom of Chola:

During the Raja Raja Chola II period, the kingdom became very powerful. With his administrative skills, he brings glory to the Chola Empire. After being crowned king, he began a series of conquests in South India. He conquered the Pandyas and Cheras kingdoms. Chola invaded Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, and spread his kingdom to Southern parts. He captured Gangapadi, Nolambapadi, Tadigaipadi, Vengi and Kalinga, defeated the Chalukyas, the Western empires in India, and extended his empire from Kalinga to Sri Lanka.

Raja Raja Chola II Administration and Family

He brought many reforms in administration systems; he permitted his local princes and lords to administer their people in their administrative skills and gave autonomy to his local princes. His elder brother Aditya II was assassinated in 969 CE. He greatly respected his elder sister Kundavai Pirattiyar and a daughter named Rajaraja Kundavai Alvar. He married several wives and had only one son Rajaraja Chola I.

raja raja chola II
Raja Raja Chola II As a Patron of Religion

Besides wars and conquests, he constructed many magnificent architectural monuments. Rajaraja Chola was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, so he made the vast Lord Shiva temple in Thanjavur called Brihadeeswara Temple. The temple’s construction is said to have been completed on the 25th day of the 25th year of his reign. The temple is one of the most prominent temples in India and is also recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Here Rajaraja Chola II started religious activities and continued, which created thick bondage between the people. In those days, the city was also the primary business centre, and Tanjavur did business with the rest of the country.