Bimbisara The Famous King of Maghada

Bimbisara Life History:

Bimbisara ( 544-419 BCE) was a famous Indian king of the Maghada Kingdom in Ancient India. He was pious and well administrative king. His capital was Rajgriha later changed to Pataliputra. He maintained cordial relations with neighbouring kingdoms and Indian kings, among them Suddodhana, father of Buddha was one. First, in the history, he maintained the Marital alliances to expand his kingdom.


Bimbisara marriage life:

  1. First wife Kosala Devi: Kosala Devi was the daughter of Maha Kosala and sister to Prasenjit. On the occasion of Kosala Devi’s marriage, Maha Kosala gifted Kasi to Bimbisara. And this marriage ended the hostility between Maghada and Kosala.
  2. Second wife Challana: Daughter of King Chetaka from Vaishali, this marriage paved the way for the expansion of Magadha empire both westward and northward.
  3. Third wife Khema daughter of Madra, administrator of Punjab.
  4. Fourth wife Vaidehi was the daughter of Videha.

Bimbisara relation between Buddha:

He maintained a close relationship with Lord Mahavir. His second wife Chellana was Lord Mahavir’s cousin sister. Both the king and Mahavira shared a cordial relation with each other. However, he followed Buddhism. He was 5 years younger to Buddha.


bimbisara - buddha

When Siddhartha arrived Magadha for practising ascetics, Bimbisara met Siddhartha and even offered half of his kingdom, so that Siddhartha stop living like the ascetic.

Siddhartha, after becoming Buddha, once come to Rajagruha with so many disciples to meet king Bimbisara, as soon as heard the news of Buddha’s arrival Bimbisara reached the city gateway and invited Buddha. He gifted a park with Bambo groves to Buddha and his disciples to stay there to practice the path of enlightenment. There Buddha stayed three consecutive rainy seasons and another rainy season in the later stage.


The great ruler also met the tragic death because of his own son Ajatashatru. He imprisoned his father to ascend the throne of Magadha Kingdom. He starved in the prison and not allowed him to met anyone except Kosala Devi. Once Kosala Devi tried taking food to Bimbisara and caught. Later even she was also not allowed to meet him. Ajatashatru later ordered his father’s release, after the birth of his first child, but by then he already died.

But there are different views on the death of Bimbisara according to Jain and Buddhist traditions. Jain tradition said that he did suicide by swallowing poison. According to the Buddhist scriptures, he was brutally killed by the royal barber on the instructions of Ajatashatru. Anyway, the great king final days were tragic and heart squeezing.