The Traditional Art of India

1. The Traditional art of India:

Indian art and culture have rich value and a source to the historians. The traditional art of paintings has been carried on the India Subcontinent. Indian Paintings has a long Traditional History. The first Indian Paintings found in Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Madya Pradesh, which is 30,000 years old. The paintings of the Ajanta Caves are significant the glory of Indian Painting Art. These paintings show us the life cycle of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddha Religion. The beauty of miniature paintings was flourished in the period of Mughal Dynasty. In the 19th century, the Art Schools were introduced by the British Raj.

traditional art


Especially the paintings used during the Ancient times for decorating the houses. The paintings hung in households in the doorways and guest rooms where guests resided.

There are so many famous painting styles are flourishing in India. They are

1. Tanjore Paintings.

2. Kalamkari Paintings.

3. Ajanta Ellora Paintings.

4. Indian Folk Paintings.

5. Mysore Paintings.

6. Pattachitra Paintings.

7. Madhubani Paintings.

8. Miniature Paintings.

9. Warli Paintings.

10. Glass Paintings.

[ The above Paintings will explain in next Article ]