Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage

The importance of Marriage in Hinduism:

Hinduism means a way of life. It discussed how a Hindu lives by following the concepts of Hinduism. It contains several customs and rituals. Mainly during the Hindu wedding, the priest performs many traditions and customs, which are the proper ingredients for happy married life. Every way has its importance during one’s life. During the Hindu wedding, the priest lets the bride and groom to sworn the seven vows. The couple takes these seven vows while walking seven sacred steps around the holy fire. The holy fire witnesses the sworn vows taken by the Bride and Groom. During each stage, the priest continuously chants the Sanskrit mantras from the Vedas and explains the importance of life after marriage. He narrates how the bride and groom take care of each other throughout their life under any circumstances. At each round of the sacred fire, the bride and groom pledge to care for each other throughout their lives.

Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage:

1. The first vow explains that the Bride and Groom are blessed for their prosperity as a household to family and would stand against the hindrances who try to break the family.

2. The Second Vow says that the Bride and Groom would lead a healthy life. Both would develop their physical, mental and spiritual attitude for a healthy life.

3. The third vow says that the bride and groom will work together for the earnings to increase their worldly wealth.

4. The fourth vow says the Bride and Groom would respect each other. They always try to acquire knowledge and live in harmony.

5. The fifth vow says the Bride and Groom will expand their family by giving birth to their children. They would bring up healthy, brave and honest and respect the elders.

6. The sixth vow says that the couple always needs self-control of mind, body and soul to lead their marital relationship for a long time.

7. The seventh vow says the couple will be more loyal and faithful their entire life. Then they remain best friends and best companions for a lifetime.