Sangama Dynasty The Vijayanagara Empire

Sangama Dynasty:

Sangama Dynasty was one of the famous dynasties in South India. The dynasty was thrived for hundreds of years and left its landmarks in South India. The Brothers Harihara I and Bukka I founded the independent Hampi kingdom and founded the dynasty and named it after their father Sangama. Later the dynasty became famous as Sangama dynasty.
In 1336 the two brothers formed a new kingdom of Hampi and Harihara I crowned the first king of Sangama Dynasty. Harihara and Bukkaraya concentrated on the expanding of the kingdom and started to invade the surrounding territories. At first, the occupied some territories of Hoysala Kingdom and built forts for the defence of the Hampi Kingdom. They also brought the reforms in the civil administration.

Great Kings of Sangama Dynasty:

After Harihar I, Bukka I ascended to the throne in 1356, and administrated ideally and maintained cordial relations with neighbouring kingdoms. After him, his son Harihara II became the king and extended the boundaries of the kingdom by conquered Mysore, Kanchi, Trichinopoly and Chingleput regions.
Later Harihara II, his son Bukka II tried to extend the kingdom to the boundaries of Tungabhadra rivers. This attempt made contention between Bahamani kingdom and Vijayanagar Emperor. During the war with Bahamani Sultan Firoz Shah Bahamani, Bukka II was defeated. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and tolerated all religious faiths. After him, Deva Raya I came to the power. He continued the fight with the Bahamani Sultans. Later Veera Vijaya Bukka Raya came to the power and reigned for a few months.

Deva Raya II came to the power after Veera Vijaya Bukka Raya and brought reforms in the army. He recruited efficient generals and soldiers and also concentrated on commerce to increase the economic levels of the kingdom. He appointed officers to look after the overseas commerce. During his period foreign travellers visited the Vijayanagara Kingdom and narrated the greatness of the city. The foreign travellers were the Italian Niccolo de Conti and Abdur Razzaq the Persian traveller. During Deva Raya II period the boundaries of the kingdom touched Ceylon shores also.


After Deva Raya II, all the successors became very weak and failed to lead the army in a victorious way. So many foreign invasions and Bahamani Sultan attacks caused to lost its glory. However, Narasimha a powerful chieftain of Chandragiri successfully defeated and captured Vijayanagara city and deposed the last ruler of Sangama dynasty ascended to the throne in 1486 AD. Like this, the Sangama Dynasty rule went to End.