Engagement Ceremony

Engagement Ceremony

Nowadays, the Engagement ceremony became very popular. It is celebrating with great pomp in every religion. The engagement ceremony is a pre-wedding ceremony, according to the Hindu tradition and culture, the engagement ceremony has not a particular place. In the ancient times, there were some restrictions about the meeting of man and woman before their marriage. In this modern times, the celebrations become very popular and every family celebrating this occasion with devotional respect. However, the participation of the Hindu couples in this tradition is not a mandatory but the matter of personal beliefs and preferences. Some families are celebrating the ceremony as an elaborate and ritual rich celebration. Some families celebrating with small and intimate gathering and celebrating with family members and friends.

Ritual of Lagna Patrika

When the couple interested in their marriage with each other, the bride groom’s father approaches bride’s father and discuss the marriage affairs. At first, they want to celebrate the ritual of ‘Wagdanam’. In this ritual, the head of the families accepts the celebration of the marriage. Later on an auspicious day the celebrates ‘Lagna Patrika’. At this ceremony, all the family members and the couple participate. On the occasion of the ‘Lagna Patrika, the date also announced for the marriage celebration. The two engagement considers the announcement of the wedding day. Few days before the wedding, the family members celebrate some pre-wedding ceremonies.

Ritual of Graha Shanthi

The first one is ‘Graha Shanthi’. This ritual purifies the bride and bridegroom. The occasion begins with ‘Haladi’. In this ritual, the bride and groom are applied with fragrant oils and haladi. In this ritual, the members celebrate ‘Muhurtamedha’ and declare about the wedding. Later the priest let the couple to perform the puja of ‘Sankalpa’, which gives the blessing to the bride and groom for their fruitful future.


Puja is a sacred activity of the Hindus and performed it every devotional and cultural activity. The ritual performed in praise of deities. Pre-marriage ceremonies priest perform the puja, the both families attend and exchange the gifts before the marriage. The priest conducts numerous Pujas, every Puja has its meaning and purpose. After completed all the rituals, the head of the families announce the couple Bride and Bridegroom.