Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh

Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh

Dhimsa is one of the folk dances in Andhra Pradesh. It is performed by the tribal groups who live in Araku Valley. Dhimsa dancers give their performances during the festival seasons, village fairs and at the marriage ceremonies. They travel from one village to another to give the DHimsa performance. There are eight different categories in the Dhimsa dance. They are Boda Dhimsa, Gundevi Dhimsa, Goodi Beta Dhimsa, Potara-tola Dhimsa, Bhag DHimsa, Natikari Dhimsa, Kunda DHimsa, Baya Dhimsa. Natikari DHimsa is the only dance which is not performed in a group. Musicians accompanied with the dancers. The musical instruments like Mori, Kiridi, TUduma, Dappu and Kommulu used during the performance.


Raj Gonds of Adilabad performed this dance. Especially Raj Gonds celebrate Deepavali with a great pomp by dancing Gusadi. The dancers decorate themselves with the peacock feathers and deer horns etc. They wear the colourful costumes to bring the extra attraction to the dance. Dappu, Tuduma, Pipri and Kalikom are the musical instruments used during the dance performance.


Lambadi a semi-nomadic tribe in Andhra Pradesh performed this dance. These dance themes inspired by the movements associated with daily tasks like harvesting, planting and sowing. The dancers wear a variety of costumes, which embroidered with glass beads and shining discs. The dancers perform the dance during the festivals of Dussehra, Deepavali and Holi. The patrons or the people pay money to the dancers.

Sadir Natyam

This dance belonged to ancient period. This solo dance form performed for centuries by the devadasis. The dancers performed this dance in the temples and in the royal courts. Women pay the key role in the dances and the kings support the dancers by paying gifts and money. This dance is famous in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu.


This is a group dance. Women only performed this dance. The dancing themes are interpreting literary or poetic compositions typically on the theme of fulfilment of the love of a girl for her beloved.